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The Iranians once built a model US carrier and "sank" it with their speedboats.

@ThomasWic @REX I am surprised plywood and drywall studs held up that long and didn't sink on its own.

@icrewhelos @ThomasWic @REX Inspired by their fighter jet design. A jet whose jet engine exhausts are darker than black paint it has.


@mirali @icrewhelos @REX


It's vacuformed plastic.

The waviness would distort the pilot's vision so dramatically that he couldn't fly.

Compare that fake thing's canopy to REAL jet-fighter canopies.

@ThomasWic @mirali @REX if you seen the original aircraft when they first announce it. You would be seeing 3/4 of the pilots body also. So at least they tried to improve the scam.

@ThomasWic @mirali @REX yep could you imagine coming to a fast stop. You would need knee pads.

@icrewhelos @ThomasWic @mirali @REX

Paper mache tiger.

14' wingspan? Sounds about as aerodynamic as a lawn dart.

@ThomasWic @mirali @REX @mirali @ThomasWic @REX I used to work for Mooney Aircraft and this is probably the most painted black aircraft we ever did. The reason we didn't paint them all black is black tends to heat up and warp panels.
So unless the Iranians plain is all composite it would probably RIP itself a part.

@icrewhelos Oh Lord! The knees will smack him in the face if the plane comes to an abrupt stop.

@ThomasWic @icrewhelos @REX Oh wow! I once put a sheet of plastic on my broken car window and duct taped it just like that.

@ThomasWic @mirali @icrewhelos @REX Thomas you did a video about these jets last year I believe. I am going to check if it is still on youtube

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