The National Liberation Front is an Islamist coalition formed in May of 2018, in northwest Syria.

The Turks armed, trained, and led the multiple rebel groups in this coalition.

On January 1, 2019, "al-Qaeda" launched 20+ simultaneous ground offensives in Idlib, Hama, and Aleppo Governorates, utterly destroying the National Liberation Front in nine days.

NOW Assad and the Russians claim that they're freeing northwestern Syria of al-Qaeda.

There's no irrefutable evidence that this is actually happening.

All we have are claims and reports.

Note that Al-Jazeera says, "there are reports."

Al-Jazeera itself DOES NOT CONFIRM a mass exodus from Idlib Governorate.

Al-Jazeera says there's no indication that Assad intends to take back Hama and Idlib Governorates.

In other words, this offensive is only for show.

The most telling thing?

This is al-Qaeda's spokesman.

"Hayat Tahrir al-Sham is against political blackmail under military pressure. Any attempt by the Russians to enter our pure and liberated land will be met with fire."

You know what he's saying?

We'll negotiate, but not at the point of a gun.

In other words, they'll leave. And note that he doesn't say SYRIANS can't enter.

I consider my theory confirmed.

I've been saying for three years that al-Qaeda in Syria was taken over by commandos of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

"Al-Qaeda" defeated the Turkish-backed rebels and destroyed Erdogan's plans for empire in NINE DAYS.

Now "al-Qaeda" won't give in to RUSSIA but is open to dialog with Syria.

This is how the war will end. Assad and "al-Qaeda" will negotiate a solution, and then Syria will have elections.


Assad is now only a figurehead, but the region needs to see Arabs finding solutions with Arabs.

The Turks, Russians, Iranians, and Americans can't give orders to Arabs anymore.

Stability requires that Arabs be in control of their own destinies.

And they are, thanks to the Gulf Cooperation Council and Trump.



"Al-Shami" means "from Syria."

It's clear that "al-Qaeda" is presenting itself as fellow Syrians who will lay down their arms for the good of the Syrian people.

This is why al-Shami used the term "our liberated land."

He means liberated from all non-Syrian powers.

@ThomasWic i gave up on gab, glad to find thomas wictor again


As you've pointed out several times, the old way of doing things has been set aside for the innovative thinking of DJT and MBS; to allow for proper symantics of the process to play out for the long term.

This is an incredible time to be alive; because I honestly thought I'd never see it.


You and me both.

I thought the Middle East was hopeless.

I was wrong. All it took was an American president who was willing to do things the way the LOCALS asked.

I underestimated the impact of historical baggage. But the good news is that simply treating the locals as equals allowed them to jettison centuries of historical baggage.

By asking instead of telling, we changed the dynamics forever.


And it's not just the genius of The President and His Royal Highness that is astonishing; it's their willingness to listen to each faction, so the end result will be acceptable and attainable for all.

You have been on target from the get go and are to be commended for all of your research.

Indeed all WILL be well.

*(I owe you another dollar for using

@ThomasWic @David_Motley

I wrote off the whole region after the Arab Springs turned to chaos and it seemed we'd be mired in endless war.

If it wasn't for Thomas and @HeshmatAlavi I would still think the whole area was hopeless.

@chart_map @ThomasWic @David_Motley @HeshmatAlavi
A lot of people wrote off the Middle East, what Trump and Mohammed bin Salman are going to accomplish is nothing short of a miracle. 🙏

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