Speaking as someone who was dishonestly banned from Twitter and Facebook, I can say that Trump knows what he's doing.

The censorship issue is destroying the Democrats in two ways:

One, everyone can see the blatant double standard.

And two, it allows the Democrats to delude themselves into thinking they have it in the bag.

THAT is why the Democrats are getting crazier.

They think Big tech will save them, so they can finally relax and let it all hang out.

Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, and I don't matter when it comes to saving the country.

I don't mind helping the Democrats walk over the cliff, at the cost of being deplatformed.

And when you look closely at it, you see that my 143,000 Twitter followers weren't really following me.

Only about 1 percent of them came here, and only about 3 percent of them watch my videos.

Being banned didn't change anything for me.

As I said the other day, more than 90 percent of Trump's coverage is negative.

That means that virtually all of the "conservatives" being banned are just as critical of Trump as leftists are.

Laura Loomer and Alex Jones are certainly as unfairly critical of Trump as leftists are.

So I don't really care if they're banned.

Allowing Big Tech to think ti can influence elections is much more strategically smart than trying to stop the censorship.

It's clear that the censorship is having no impact, but it's making leftists go insane and drive away their own voters.

After the 2020 elections, we'll see changes.

And the sad fact is, conservatives are simply too dumb to start their own competing platforms.

They insist on using Twitter and Facebook, so they pretty much deserve what they get.

If my Twitter and Facebook followers came here, this place would already be a powerhouse.

But they WON'T come here.

They'd rather remain at the mercy of Dorsey and Zuckerberg.

That which has no will to survive, won't.

It's Darwinism.

Conservatives have it in them to create completing platforms. Since they refuse to do so, I don't pay attention to the whining.

THIS is how conservatives handle social media.


@ThomasWic And there it is,
that crazy little thing called truth!
Thx Thomas!

Also, I was initially confused by thinking you only had articles on Quodverum. It was a long time before I discovered social.quadverum and I was thrilled to find you tooting here.
Can’t you make a mention on the Quodverum articles place to alert people to the social site?

@Sunnywindows I believe Thomas already made a video on on his youtube channel. But a way to invite might help. There could be one I just don't know about .

@Sunnywindows same here. Took me a while to find social quod versum. Haven’t looked back.

Put another 20 hamsters in a slightly larger wheel and you'll have the Dem Primaries. I anticipate that they'll be at least as hilarious...

@ThomasWic I still see many people make mention of you and missing your content and every time I note social.quodverum so they will know you are here. Folks are getting a little taste of try communicating in war time or in a socialist/communist country and see how much freedom we still have.

@oystergirl @ThomasWic People are afraid of their own shadow. Lazy too. Not as though you can’t stay on Twit if you choose.There loss. This ship sailing in smooth waters. The weather is great here too.

It would be great to have your followers list from Twitter and with each of our own lists of followers..a little competition amongst friends for memberships could be fun as well.. this is a wonderful place to be.. the only thing that could make it better is more people.. 2020 will be here soon..I can already feel the're right Thomas, the only thing holding conservatives back from being a real force for this country is us..

@ThomasWic Spot on, as usual. I took the liberty of sharing this on twatter.

@ThomasWic. I would venture to say many more people followed you on Twitter than you realized. I followed you for years but refused to join the platform. I was there for you, Rex and others. I followed you here and joined because you see and speak the truth. Also, because I know I will not be attacked for my belief in the truth. There are others that want the truth but won’t get off their behinds to go find it.

@M_wand @ThomasWic
Perfect comment. You're me by another name. Did the same thing you did. Read on Twitter, but didn't join. Couldn't sign up here fast enough.
As for those who stay on Twitter exclusively instead of coming here, they want the exposure of that wider platform. Until their butts get banned.


Are you saying: Stop moving threads to Twitter; make all come here to find you? ???

@Cyn_de_Vita @ThomasWic

I think @ThomasWic definitely has a point, but again, IMO, wouldn’t hurt to post a direct link there from time to time naming some of the twitter banned who are on QV.

@ThomasWic I suggested it once a couple of years ago to a friend with the resources to actually make it happen. His response was "get real".

Now he's banned everywhere and as far as I know may as well not exist anymore.


Amen, Thomas! There are a lot of people who like the drama on Twitter and enjoy the chaos they create.

I'm one of the 1% who has followed you from Twitter to all over (Gab, FB) and to here. I am so grateful for this place.

@ThomasWic Twitter does not make money. Who wants to compete with that commercially? It has to be for other reasons.

@ThomasWic Facebook uses the Google model of monetizing users, but Twitter could not get the hang of that.

Isn't that what we're doing here though..slow start maybe.. but that's only good reason to pick up the's time for some real competition..I made mention to Saul about 3 wks ago (just before I had to take an unscheduled leave) about making a serious effort to advertise in all other platforms..that we're here and preparing for 2020..I'm a nobody on Twitter, so Twitter ignores me, gives me an edge to make contacts for new memberships..most of us would love to direct hit Twitter


"...conservatives are simply too dumb..."

Oh, sooo resonates for me.

"Conservatives" has no useful meaning anymore as it relates to Trump support and MAGA. Conservative, Inc.'s have been so hysterical, wrong and ineffective for so long....then Trump comes along and they fight him every step of the way like two-year olds....and then TAKE CREDIT FOR EACH OF TRUMP'S VICTORIES.

"Trump Americans" better describes our country's direction.

@redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic

More accurately "conservatives" have BECOME a "caricature", of their own doing, really.

Conservative, Inc, "officialdom" . They're wacky, ineffective. PJW has "jumped OFF the Trump Train" so many times it is silly; Ann Coulter has become a Trump Fish Wife. Alex Jones, Lara Loomer, Jim Hoft, Jack Posobiec all make $$ from foolishness.

No, give me Ivanka, Jared, Chuck Grassley, Pence, Sonny Purdue, Elaine Chou, Mitch ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Trump Americans.

@IndiaMaria @ThomasWic
They reinforce that constantly by their reaction. They are a joke. All they do is babble to feed their egos.

@IndiaMaria @ThomasWic so so so true think Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell taking credit for tax cuts less regulation yet fighting Trump on tariffs &NAFTA& TPP etc They disgust me.

@Gmajv @ThomasWic

Mitch DESERVES 'credit for the tax cuts"...he got 51/51 GOP Senators to vote AYE, while ZERO Democrats did so.

Mitch has also made it possible for PResident Trump to remake the Judiciary with two SCOTUS and 1000 Fed judges despite working with the slimmest of vote margins.

Trump thinks very highly of Leader McConnell. It might serve well to reconsider your outdated "disgust.".....Or not.

@IndiaMaria I posted on FB yesterday that while everyone is cheering Mitch, he is and always will be a globalist. Next time he does something globalist-y, they better remember and thank their lucky stars that Mitch is working so hard to transform our judiciary. I know I will. 🙏🏻


Not sure why we have to label Mitch anything but "A Trump Supporter."

He has performed magnificently for The President and for us. Important election coming up, and painting the GOP leader with outdated labels only strengthens doubt and frustration among the fence-riders.

Mitch getting 51`/51 GOP senators to vote AYE on Corporate Tax cuts, ANWAR and ending the DEATH TAX is most certainly NOT "globalist".

@IndiaMaria No, they certainly aren’t, but every time the guy utters a peep about bi-partisan compromise on immigration/border issues, some people come unglued at the seams. That’s why I posted what I did on FB- to remind them of how wonderfully McConnell has worked with Trump on judicial issues, and how valuable his work has been, and to remember THAT the next time he suggests immigration compromise, (which he will do again at some point).


Heck, Trump has compromised a bunch....he agreed to DACA, he agreed to keep families together, he waited over a YEAR to trigger the 13 Billion he had available in DOD budget (2017 OMNIBUS) to build The Wall; he has ONLY targeted Criminal Aliens for deporation; and has proposed INCREASING LEGAL immigration.

Both Trump and Mitch are building up the political MIDDLE. As @DuaneCates says, this is the SAFEST place to be.


there are too many so called maga people that are hoping to make or are currently making money by appearing on twitter. all of us must try harder to get them here although they might not have the same intentions


The article I read recently:

A new Pew Research Center survey maps the differences between Twitter users and the general U.S. population.
Pew estimates that 80% of all tweets from U.S. adult users come from just the top 10% of Twitter users, and they are mostly women.
The survey also finds that U.S. adult Twitter users tend to be younger and more likely to identify with the Democratic Party than does the overall population.

well,count me in with the 1%..personally,i think some of the others just havent found you yet..but Ive been working on that rofl


Hear, HEAR!!

I'm told that I am a "slimy traitor" if I don't defend Lara Loomer, et al. But I saw a video of her disrupting a GOP HEARING on Twitter Bias, and was rightfully made to look the fool by the Missouri Congressman who auctioned off her selfie phone.

She EMBARRASSES commoners like me who sincerely trust and support Trump. Besides, HELLO, anyone of the "displaced" can move over to QV.

@IndiaMaria @ThomasWic
But I don't think those who insist on dwelling exclusively on Twitter want the calmness that is provided here. They want the incessant and stupid drama. They revel in the mudslinging and gamesmanship, number of followers, who blocked, who retweeted, and all the rest of the nonsense.
I don't care about any of it or any of them. My focus is on seeing things get better, both in my own life and in the life of my country and my world. Hold the drama, life provides enough.

@janis Yep. As Thomas Wictor points out, daily hysteria. Some people enjoy it. And many play into it to build followers. Shameless hucksters.

@IndiaMaria Stick to your instincts. Lara Loomer is about Lara Loomer.

@IndiaMaria Well, she'd never get the same kind of support over here if she tried to pull that "muh tires got slashed" bit on QV. It just wouldn't fly.


@IndiaMaria @ThomasWic
That little stunt was, "leftist are doing it so why not me"🤦‍♂️


Lara Loomer’s approach to everything lacks social etiquette. When she gets in other people’s faces and encroaches on their personal space, it is a behavior that is not acceptable. IMO to support her says that you condone her actions. Most of us were raised with the saying, you are judged by the company you keep.


@ThomasWic Thomas Alex , Laura, Mike and the rest of those idiots make conservatives look insane .glad they are gone

You're a wonderfully unique person Thomas..I'd love to see things through your're as fucking genius and genuine as they come..imho, you are a huge threat to social media driven by political are trusted, you educate, you make people think, you're an amazing researcher and you share the are a magnet for people who want to know the truth, that's you making people better..that makes our country better..Trump too is selfless just like you are Thomas

@inverness01 @ThomasWic
Thank you so much, I respect your opinion..This platform is about telling the truth, being informed.. we have so much available to us it seems a shame to waste our voices.. especially at such a time when our voices are a necessity at this point in history... what we... do from this point forward matters..we can spread the truth or ignore the truth ..our voice counts.. weather

@MEMA @ThomasWic I agree as I have been too politically ignorant for too long. I will forever be grateful to Trump for that alone . I am forever grateful to all of the ones who selflessly gave of their time to educate us with little compensation. Not sure I could ever put a value on it . They are heros in my eyes as well .

@ThomasWic I'm one of the143K that hunted you down. I truly appreciate you, your wisdom, insight and your humor. 🇺🇸

@ThomasWic Proud to be in the 1 percent. Unfortunate that the other 99 percent didn't follow you here.

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