Again, the British press doesn't do its job.

Actually, the WORLD press didn't do its job.

This was NOT an air strike.

The cameraman even captured the bomber on his way to the site.


I have no idea.

But it wasn't an air strike.

I have no love lost for the Russians.

But this was an Islamist suicide bombing.

And I'm the only writer who saw the truth.


Reporters have become absolutely worthless. They just spew out what they're told, with no investigation or corroboration.
Catherine Herridge, Sarah Carter, and you brilliant minds here on QV ... THESE is my "go-to" resources for accurate reporting.

@ThomasWic I really love when you report these events! You always show what REALLY happened! I remember your wonderful threads on twitter! 😊

@ThomasWic - right you are, Thomas. A REAL airstrike with even a small bomb would have vaporized the guy.

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