Senator Gillibrand is an imbecile.

She's a moron not JUST for being ignorant of the term "tactical."

Developing tactical nuclear weapons doesn't mean we're making them to use them.

It means if we HAVE TO use nukes, we don't have to go strategic.

The idea that we must never use nuclear weapons is stupid.

There are FAR WORSE weapons than tactical nukes. The Soviets made the worst bioweapons you can imagine.

Ebola crossed with influenza. That was one of them.

We have NO IDEA what's out there in terms of bioweapons and chemical weapons.

If we find a lab that's full of ebola-flu, the best way to get rid of it is with tactical nuclear weapons.

A low-yield tactical nuke will save millions of lives.

Gillibrand is not presidential material. Women who sound like they're 15 aren't presidential material.


It's absolutely clear that the Gulf Cooperation Council has kinetic bombardment weapons.

Rods From God.

They've been used in combat multiple times.

These things are MORE POWERFUL than tactical nukes.

It's time that people STOP BEING STUPID.

A tactical nukes is just a tool.

I visited Hiroshima.

The Japanese get no sympathy from me. We had to use atom bombs because they refused to surrender.

Did you know that we minted so many Purple Heart medals in preparation for the invasion of Japan that we still haven't used them up?

Think about THAT.

We were expecting a million Allied casualties.

And 7 million Japanese casualties.

Would THAT have been more moral that two atomic bombs?

We have entire warehouses full of functional portable flamethrowers that we withdrew from service so that the world would like us.

The world still hates us, and the Gulf Cooperation Council adopted the "pyrophoric slug flamethrower."

It fires globs of material that ignites spontaneously.

And there's more!

Photos and videos of dead terrorists show that the GCC flamethrowers are as accurate as rifles.

They're used to incinerate suicide vests.

The dead terrorists are burned to charcoal between the thighs and chin, but their hair and the rest of their clothing is intact.

What do our troops have in order to defend themselves against suicide bombers?


Because of people like Kristin "Tactile" Gillibrand.

The Gulf Cooperation Council armed their men and women with a flamethrower that turns terrorists into charcoal.

It also BOILS all the juices out of the guy.

They're all lying in what looks like pools of used motor oil.

And there's more!

The Gulf Cooperation Council uses direct-blast effect.

Photos and videos show that the blast effect is as delineated as a jet of water.

The jet of air removes all the flesh that it hits.

So there are amazing videos of two dozen dead men all missing the flesh of their heads or their legs.

Air itself is now a weapon. It DENUDES the terrorist.

Tactical nuclear weapons are--in a sense--for little kids.

Our allies have weapons that do outrageous things to the human body.

I've seen video of the directed blast effect in action. The guy disintegrates.

It's how they killed Hezbollah's Mustafa Badreddine in Syria.

A blast wave took him apart. Hezbollah's most experienced military commander went to pieces.


Our allies have portable kinetic launchers that fire titanium alloy rods about the size of a cigar.

They fly at Mach 13 or 18,000 miles per hour, which means they can go through 300 men, one after another.

One soldier can defeat an entire battalion.

Here's the thing:

Our allies don't have the childish view of war that we do.


If President Tactile Kristen outlaws various weapons so that she can stand onstage and bask in applause, our allies will shrug and say, "That was pretty stupid of them. Oh well."

Tactical nukes are nothing, Kris.

Grow up.

Our allies have FAR MORE HORRIFIC ways of separating enemy souls from their bodies.



Thomas -So many people in the U.S. live in La-la land. Thanks to your sharing of information I’m not one of them. Thank you for being willing to help us learn!

@ThomasWic Great. Thread Thomas👍She will go back tending the soup kitchens in Rye.👆Oh wait I don’t bflive they have those in Rye.🤔


"Our allies have FAR MORE HORRIFIC ways of separating enemy souls from their bodies."

Thank goodness they are our allies.

@ThomasWic The hoplophobes are dangerous and narcissistic.

She's one of those idiots who'll wax poetic about how the Geneva Convention outlawed hollow points (FALSE) and demand we ban them. Then you have dolts like Barbara Boxer who saw Die Hard 2 and tried to outlaw Glock pistols (John McClane called it "a porcelain handgun made in Germany that can go through metal detectors). She believed a Die Hard movie. Yes. (1/2)

@ThomasWic We have the wonderful CNN's "military analyst" call AR-15's "fully semi-automatic assault rifles." Huh?

It's never-ending. Idiots demanding we listen to them and defer to their knowledge about things they know NOTHING about.

There's always another "Hold my beer" moment with these liberal anti-weapon dumbasses. They can't even sound coherent about guns, let alone NUKES.

Thank you for roasting this ijit (2/2)

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