On Twitter, I told you that I thought Michael Moore is a double agent working for Trump.

In this 1998 interview, Roseanne says at 30:04 that Moore had already met Trump, and Trump is accessible.

Moore also says that he wouldn't go after Trump.

I consider my theory confirmed.


@ThomasWic - It wouldn't surprise me at all. Trump is not ideological and Moore has flashes of clear thinking regarding Trump.



Moore made a pitch to the ages to elect Trump.

He disguised it as criticism, but nobody was fooled.

Easily the most compelling political ad of all time.



After Trump was the nominee.

The speech was taken from a stupid anti-Trump show Moore put on.

He said all this in the middle, and then claimed that it WASN'T pro-Trump, but nobody was fooled.

He also didn't sue anybody who used his material in their own ads.

Blue-collar Democrats credit this speech with pushing them over to Trump.

@ThomasWic - I had never heard this before but, wow, it's so spot on.

Just as Lincoln said of Grant I say of Trump: Why do I like him? BECAUSE HE FIGHTS!

Well this blows me away it's the first time I've ever seen it

@prchrskd @LTC

Here's what happened:

Moore has always been in it for himself. He had a moral crisis when Trump ran. So he asked Trump, "Will you REALLY help the downtrodden?"

And Trump convinced him. Then Moore gave that stunning speech, which actually helped get Trump elected.

One action made up for a lifetime of dishonesty and self-indulgence.

I will never forget listening to Moore’s speech. Over and over. It was stunning.

@Silver @ThomasWic

It still is.

It can break the humidity on a stale night for the chills it imparts.

For me, its one of the best ways to rememver that incredible time in history and ours.

Yes and how lucky we are to witness it all!

@ThomasWic @prchrskd @LTC
Mr. Wictor,
You wrote of Judas Goats that got Electoral College for Trump. Where Stein was given the wrong date and missed the filling deadline. You mentioned Soros met with Jill Stein and Moore. Taking in the above information, makes one ponder who might have given the wrong date ...

@ThomasWic @prchrskd @LTC good god .. I could watch this a million times .. literally brings tears to my eyes . i was not one of the affected (those in this video) nor did I have the knowledge and conviction yet at thay time to say the big FUCK YOU .. i can ONLY HOPE THERE ARE SO MANY MORE OF ME OUT THERE WHO HAVE FINALLY SEEN THIS TRUTH . I 💯 percent believe with all of my soul he is trying to save us and it is hearbreaking to watch what they do to him daily . His strength boggles my mind.

@ThomasWic @LTC

This is so clearly PERFECT rhetoric.

I agree and thanks as I remember your post on Moore.

@ThomasWic @LTC

When labor leaders met with Trump after the election it was stunning.

This time around there's the GREEN NEW DEAL which big labor will not tolerate.

@zetetic @ThomasWic @LTC

I dunno about that. Big Labor is now SEIU, AFSCME, NEA, and the other teacher's union.

If anything, those unions would be all in favor, as they would benefit greatly from the yuge increase in the size and scope of government.

@jaybug @ThomasWic @LTC

Noticed this lately from AFL-CIO:


I am thinking of those forgotten Blue Dog Democrats which Pelosi-Reid-Obama shunned...thanks though for the add'l considerations @jaybug

@jaybug @ThomasWic @LTC

Found this which has many of the unions you mentioned.

Napkin math total for the unions in this article is 5.5 million of the 12+ million in AFL-CIO.

The writer is from Ohio, loves Los Angeles and lives in DC.

No bias whatsoever.


@zetetic @ThomasWic @LTC

Somehow I feel union members will be given a so long and thanks for all the fish participation trophy, rather than an actual say in the 2020 race.

@ThomasWic @LTC I hope they play it for 2020...this time they can say "he did it" he promised it and he did it...you have your jobs back.

@ThomasWic @LTC I remember when he spoke. It was a townhall type event. It must have been squished by big media because of its power.

I never saw this ad though. It needs to be dusted off and cued up for 2020.

Thanks. I'm sharing.

@ThomasWic @LTC I remember hearing that and got goose bumps...Trump should have sent him a big Thank you.

@ThomasWic @LTC I had never seen that before. It doesn't come across to me as criticism, but rather pretty genuine. Sounds really strange in Moore's voice, but it sounds like he either liked Trump, or at least understood the people who would go on to vote for him.

@ThomasWic @LTC

WOW! It's so easy to miss these things! Roseanne's interview was off the charts!!!

Had no idea about Michael Moore. I'm not a fan of his but that was very educational!!

Another instance of learning something that I didn't know I needed to learn from you 👍👍

@ThomasWic @LTC

"They're not racists and rednecks. They're actually pretty decent people."

I remember hearing that MM speech before the election and was blown away. I think that's when I felt confident of DJT winning.

@ThomasWic @LTC Both videos are amazing. This is totally new for me. Thanks so much TW!

@ThomasWic @LTC
>> I saw this Moore's video back in 2016 & was impressed that he was actually saying something that matched reality. Up until that time I had no use for him.

>> When I shared the video with others it was interesting how most could not hear what Moore was saying because of how they felt about Moore.

>> Thanks for sharing that video. It is amazing how relevant it was then & still is. 🤔

@ThomasWic @LTC

Thank you for your insight.

I have watched this video before, however after the Roseanne interview, I watched it again with a different perspective and I got chills. It IS the most compelling political ad of all time. Amazing really.

@ThomasWic Shit, that WAS good. I got wind of something like this but I don't think I ever heard more than a censored blurb. Thanks for sharing @LTC

@ThomasWic @LTC i have to humbly admit that this man Michael Moore may not be the evil opportunist I always thought him to be . Oh my gosh ... I never thought he could literally give me goosebumps ... but ummm .... ummmm .. wow ... thought I had seen snippets of this but then I got lost in all his other verbal nonsense and lost site of this .

@inverness01 Ehhh, he's still an opportunist, but one thing about those: they can sometimes be flipped if it's in their best interests. Must be very confusing to his fan base though. I've known people who nearly worshipped the dude: St. Mike the Truth-teller.

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