@ThomasWic Wonderful, thank you Thomas. So good to see you and the rest of my favorite people from Twitter! Love this place, way better than Twitter.


I think it's going to take off.

The big dogs have to see it in action for a while before they can commit to it.

Our goal is to make it a place where people are free to express themselves without fear of retribution AND without fear of being forced to pass ideological purity tests.

People of all ideologies are welcome IF THEY ACT IN GOOD FAITH and are civilized.

Everybody knows when they're out of line.

If people don't get out of line, they won't have any problems.

@ThomasWic It's the best designed startup site I've seen, I believe it will grow quickly. Exactly what we all need to do both online and off, return to civility and tolerance.


Everything is fine as long as people don't get out of line.

We all know when we're out of line.

Twitter is a nanny. Here, you're expected to control yourself.

If you just want to cause problems, you have to go away.

But if you're acting in good faith and not trying to rile up others into doing crazy, illegal things, you'll be left alone.

@ThomasWic Good, I'm going to enjoy this refreshing attitude. Since Quodverum posts Trumps tweets I don't even need them anymore.

@Kathlena @ThomasWic

If you still have an account, I would recommend you continue to like and support Trump's posts. Twitter plays games with those numbers to convey that he's not popular. As an example, I often have to re-like and retweet many of his posts. Also, I've had to re-like and re-tweet the pinned post on Jr's timeline endless times.. you know the one where Trump is on Oprah. That's primarily why I don't abandon the bird. Let's not forget to support our guy.

@TexasBaseballMom @ThomasWic Oh I do, yes they undo my rts all the time too. I go back and redo them diligently! This however is where I am most comfortable.

@TexasBaseballMom @Kathlena @ThomasWic

Great reminder. I have his page marked so when I go there it opens his page. Have had the same experience with likes and retweets. I will go back and re-like or re-tweet.
Started checking my page and noticed was losing a lot of followers. That's okay, I still have some to get the word out - You are right! We must all show support in every way we can.

@TexasBaseballMom @Kathlena @ThomasWic
I do and I will. Thanks for the heads up. I put nothing past twitter tricks.

@Kathlena @ThomasWic the first and last reason I went to Twitter was because of President Trump. And as you say he is being posted here so it makes Twitter even more irrelevant.

@ThomasWic @Kathlena Great words Mr. Wictor!! Why can’t Life run that way?!?!

@ThomasWic @Kathlena I don’t know if Twitter has become more toxic or that I notice it more now that we have Q.V. Either way twitter gives me a rash.

@Elizabethqe20 @ThomasWic @Kathlena I know that rash. It starts in the mind and moves out to the body, like a flesh-eating disease.

@ThomasWic @Kathlena
It’s a good and righteous boundary to have, and because it is, people are free to express themselves knowing what the boundaries are. Maybe more folk will become accustomed to civility in every aspect of life. That would be nice.

@ThomasWic @Kathlena just found this site. I am soooo happy...have missed you, and Rex afterall you were the first I learned to follow on Twit when I joined....what a mess twat has become.... now will follow @Kathlena.

@ThomasWic @Kathlena It was needed. Twitter is Orwellian; Gab is a mirror of Twit -- too much anarchy; FB is full of people too afraid to say anything. Instagram is full of duckface trash poses. People want to be able to speak and not have to deal with dreck.

@ThomasWic @Kathlena Exactly! In real life, we interact with other people on a daily basis, and normally, I never even stop to think about their political or social leanings. We just live in civility and all is well.

@ThomasWic @Kathlena Yes. Freedom of speech is just that. If people are discomfited by what we say, they can block or mute us. That's discomfiture is something they need to examine though because free exchange of ideas allows for an includes the uncomfortable. Refusing to entertain the discomfiting is no more than the employment of PC on the Right.

@tantan @ThomasWic @Kathlena

In all my years on twitter, I very seldom had what I would consider a hand-shake debate. One side presents facts, the other side presents facts, the merits of everything are discussed in a civil manner. The entire exchange culminates in a virtual handshake. I think I had around five or six such events.

Most of the time, if it wasn't a troll, the person would exchange a couple of tweets then resort to insults and name calling. Most of the time, just a paid troll.

@FormerUSN @ThomasWic @Kathlena I avoided Twitter. Read Wictor, Cates, Rex, and a couple others.

@FormerUSN @tantan @ThomasWic Only once did a liberal and I discuss politics and ended on an amicable note. We followed each other, never agreed on a single topic. I can't help but to hope someday there will be a lot more like him.

@EarlThePearls I did, he hasn't signed up yet but I'm hopeful. He doesn't buy into the meh Russia crap, it was the only thing we agreed on. 😊

@ThomasWic @Kathlena This is definitely a different format that will take some getting used to. It has a LOT 'in your face' the moment you log in.

That's a good thing to me, but maybe not so much to people wanting a simpler 1,2,3-A,B,C sort of thing (like twitter is).

Even those kind of folks can get used to it if they allow themselves to.

@Watcher9 @ThomasWic @Kathlena use the Tootdon app. Cuts down things and allows url exchange easily.

@ThomasWic Speaking of which, somebody on the twat just blocked me because I told her to pull my finger.....the nerve!

@ThomasWic Honest to god no ones ever blocked me before. I kinda liked it! 😊

@ThomasWic @Kathlena
I agree, my inbox on Twitter is blowing up with questions about this place .. one just came over a few minutes ago.

@Pissyfit @ThomasWic
It gets rt'd every time I post this site on Twitter. It's growing nicely!

@ThomasWic @Kathlena Thomas please tell how do we like a toot? I don't see any Like or Dislike option. Thanks!

@ThomasWic Why not do another video on what not to do in here? Like engage jewhate and its conspiracies, engage in Muslim hate and its conspiracies. Toot Nazi and jihadi crap. Do this as a warning. 👍


Excellent tutorial. Learned two new things from this. Thanks, Thomas!

PS: Brian's little guy was mauve not blue, so you really weren't following him (lol)

@ThomasWic Thanks so much for the tutorial - it did help in learning site navigation.


Thank you! I did read the 'getting started' info, but very much appreciate the visual you've provided. It reinforced it all.

@ThomasWic This tutorial helped me immensely. Thankyou Thomas. I can now maneuver.

I broke off a 1.5 inch bolt once. I think the 8 ft cheater bar was too much

@ThomasWic Mr. Wictor, Thanks for all you do. So appreciated. :)

@ThomasWic Thank you Thomas, I needed this tutorial! Great to hear from you again!

@ThomasWic I’m laughing so hard right now. Watching the Toot-torial at min 11:40ish


Mr. Wictor, I just found your tutorial and it was a big help. Thanks. I’ve been stumbling around on this site since I joined and slowly learning how to do things, but I was frustrated that I didn’t know how to see other peoples’ responses to posted toots. Well, I do now. Yay!

@SandyisGettingSteamed @ThomasWic
Hi Sandy, you can also click on the 3 dots at the bottom right of a toot, then choose expand and the replies will show up in the far right column. (on a laptop, anyway)

@Kathleen @ThomasWictor

Thanks, Kathleen. Everything is always much easier when you know what you’re doing.


For sure. I stumbled around, tried to find tutorials and just experimented the first few days. It's actually pretty smooth one you learn the tips and tricks. (still learnin)

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