Just a reminder for our new Jew-hating Justice Democrats:

From January of 2016 to October of 2017, somebody found and destroyed 28 Hamas attack tunnels IN GAZA.

This means commando action.

Someone went into Gaza, destroyed the tunnels, and escaped.

Twenty-eight times.

The tunnels are a Hamas state secret.

Only one or two men know all their locations.

Each tunnel is hidden from the rest of Hamas. Only the Mokhba--tunnel fighters--assigned to the tunnel know its location.

But somebody found 28 tunnels, destroyed them, KILLED THEIR MOKHBA--and escaped.

Twenty-eight times.

Hamas went crazy trying to figure out how this was happening.

Mokhba family members, tunnel diggers, and Hamas leaders were tortured and executed.

Finally Mokhba commanders began defecting to Israel, bringing maps.

The commandos destroyng the tunnels were Arabs.

The Hamas attack tunnel of the past is now obsolete.

Therefore Hamas tried a new tactic:

They brought 30,000 civilians to the border and lit tires on fire, creating walls of black smoke.

Hamas filled "medical tents" with weapons and dug tunnels almost to the Israeli border.

The terrorist plan was to emerge inside the cloud of black smoke, tear down the fence, and enter Israel to kill and kidnap.

The black smoke was to prevent Israeli snipers from seeing the terrorists.

On the day of the attack, virtually every terrorist was killed.

Hamas reported 150 killed in action.

There were NO civilian deaths.

This means that the terrorists were killed on the Gaza side of the border.

By commandos.

Israel's Arab allies can come and go as they please in Gaza, and they can take out everyone they want.

The Palestinians LOST.

It's over.

The Justice Democrats are a voice from the dead past.

So laugh at them.


@ThomasWic The Palestinians were given plenty of opportunities for improvement, they have themselves to blame for ending up left behind in a scrapt heap of history. Moral of the story don't impede improvement.

@redwhitebluedude Agreed. They chose -- and still choose -- to look behind them instead of forwards to a brighter future. The world has moved on, including Saudi Arabia! Very telling. I have zero sympathy for the Palestinians.

@TechnoGeezer @thegoldenpanda
It is an attempt to dispossess Jews of their land not the other way round.

@ThomasWic I laugh at them, and enjoy these two.

Between our shared love for music and future peace in the Middle East, I couldn’t think of a better response on this bright Monday morning.

@Tracey @ThomasWic

That was absolutely beautiful. Now excuse me, I think I have something in my eye...

@ThomasWic i just found this gem. Several thousand Jews and Arabs assembled to sing this song of peace with each other. Absolutely beautiful.

@ThomasWic simply brilliant. This should be know to all but for some reason it’s kept quiet.

@ThomasWic Tough times for Hamas, what with Iranian funding drying up, destruction of tunnels, etc. Shame, that.🤣

@ThomasWic Recently reported tank fire on Iranian assets in Syria from Israel.

@ThomasWic hi Thomas , we missed you on twitter, I just knew about this forum , so I joined , glad to hear from you

@ThomasWic And so I do. Laugh at them. Daily. With an almost religious fervor. But I can never laugh enough because they keep upping their game. And now my cheeks hurt.

@ThomasWic life is good once again. 👏👏👏. A wictor thread!

@ThomasWic These are the threads I love. Information that I would normally NEVER get. Real news. Worthy news. I wish msm cared about truth as much as TW. We would all be better off knowing what’s REALLY going on. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Thomas!


Oh happy day!

Man I just love stories with a good ending! HIP HIP HOORAY for commandos!

@ThomasWic maybe we need them on our own southern border 😁

@ThomasWic One of my “Truest Loves”, a Thomas Wictor thread (no matter the subject)🥰 😁

@ThomasWic Thanks for all your informative and hope-filled threads! Found you on twitter last year. The info that you give us is invaluable, and a good reminder that much good is happening out of our sight. It's sometimes hard to remember that when slogging through the muck of everyday life.

@ThomasWic Hooyah!!!!! Thomas my friend and I cannot understand his family!!! Maybe you can help......

How can any Jewish American support a party that openly campaigns against the Jewish people and have for the past 5 years at least???? He says, there liberal, but that doesn’t resonate.....

They have family that survived the holocaust and I don’t understand.....Jews are leaving Europe for can any Jew support The Democratic Party??

@Torchbearer @ThomasWic
Politics Uber Alles
Thomas pointed out in the Years leading up to Trump's Election he was a staunch supporter of Jews right to be respected & the Right of Israel to exist.
American Jews thanked him profusely.
After Trump won & stated he was a Trump Supporter many EFFORTLESSLY pivoted to calling him a NAZI.
I mean it=Politics Uber Alles.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic

Thanks Duane, that helped however looking at history, and Jewish persecution, I would’ve thought that NO AMERICAN JEW would ever again support a party with openly anti-semites in positions of power......

It’s a mis-understanding I’ve had for many years........I grew up with many Jewish friends whom were neighbors......I never understood how you could support someone who ultimately hates you.....


@DuaneCates @Torchbearer

After I said I supported Trump, I was called a Nazi by many of the same people who had praised me for debunking anti-Israel propaganda.

When I told them that defending Israel had earned me death threats from the Islamic State, they were indifferent.

"Who asked you to defend Israel?" one said.

That opened my eyes.

@ThomasWic @DuaneCates

Thanks Thomas........sorry please keep defending Israel, we both know there are some stupid American Jews that are as immature as the Cornell Professor interviewed by Tucker......

I have some in my extended family.......I still love them, but boy can they be STUPID!!!!

@Torchbearer @ThomasWic @DuaneCates God called them 'stiff-necked'. Speaking to Moses in Exodus.
The more things change the more they remain the same.

@ThomasWic @DuaneCates @Torchbearer Christians-for the most part-recognize the importance of Israel/American relationship. My mother-A Christian her whole life-from 6 years old, went to visit the Holy Land 3 times during her life. Our Lord Jesus was a Jew. it's as simple as that or as complicated as you want to make it......

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