I told you:

Judas goats.

AOC is childishly lying about her own Green New Deal, which is making the entire political class realize that the Democrats are utterly screwed.

This will happen for the next two years.

@ThomasWic -

She's creating jobs for the Cow Fart Eradication Compliance Force.

@ThomasWic yes and those Democrats that agree with her absurdity with pay the price.


It's being repeated all over that what was presented to the Dem's presidential candidates for them to sign onto and what was on the Green New Deal website were two entirely different things. The fact that what's 'supposed' to be shown isn't already being presented is telling. You're 100% right here. Someone is making the Dems fuck up hard and look all kinds of dumb.


You think this will enrage millenial fans of AOC? That will be a doozy for Dems. 🔥🔥🔥


Having a feud happen between AOC and the Dems who start dumping on her and her 'Green New Deal'? Probably. 'How DARE those old people shit on our millenial socialist messiah!'

@hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

Another line of division AOC causes in Dems: Big Tech versus Green Tech

@hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic They have no brains. Somebody triggered them to have a knee jerk reaction.

@hnijohnmiller @ThomasWic

I am living for the applause at the screw ups. Glorious.

Thank you to the sane voices on this platform.

@hnijohnmiller Whether their insanity is their own doing or they have been manipulated, I have not yet seen one real life Dem voter disavow the party or their policies on grounds of insanity. All remain faithful to the tribe and the Overton window moves leftward. The strength of tribalism among Democrat lemmings is a concern for me. Assuming then that the expectation/hope is a late breaking preference cascade back to sanity.

@dtweete @hnijohnmiller

There are always some that will agree with these far left ideas. The numbers of those individuals is most likely 15%. SOTU had a 76% approval. That number didn't just come just from those on the right. Rest assured, we are winning.

@ThomasWic I want there to be conclusive evidence to prove AOC's Judas goatness. That would make me feel better, because otherwise some could accuse us of mind reading or conspiracy theorizing. But then I think about all the circumstantial evidence, everything I know about DJT's past, and "the proof is in the pudding", and I have a sense of calm that it doesn't matter, in fact no conclusive evidence will ever exist until cautious T himself chooses to reveal it, and that's the way it should be.

@ThomasWic Hmmmm....must think about buying stock in Orville Redenbacher (ConAgra Brands). 🍿 😎


When Dems talk of bipartisanship and reaching accross the aisle, they mean tgat others beed to come over to them.

You are descrolibing a new Democrat bipartisanship gambit that is being played against themselves by themselves.

A bunch of people who have been weened on technological connectivity that bolsters instant gratification vs. a bunch of people who were raised before answering machines and know how to ignore.

Its the Desert Tortoise vs. The Artic Hare


No Hockett, she tweeted to give us more to laugh at 😏

"Robert Hockett: No, No, she’s actually tweeted it out to laugh at it."

@ThomasWic Add to that all the dems that co-signed on to it. Several who have announced they will or may run for president in 2020. Comedy gold.

Never an end to thier evil and lying.

Primary evidence of deciet: they could have just deleted the original, posted new version with a comment that original was wrong.

Only complete corrupt and evil scum would blame the "right" for posting a fake doc.

@ThomasWic It is incredible to
watch this hot mess!! I try not to
repost or respond to anything that
AOC says/does because SHE
is a yuge wrecking ball!!

@ThomasWic Pelosi will stomp AOC's choppers out. I'm thinking Pelosi is giving AOC, Omar, and Tlaib rope to hang themselves.

@ThomasWicI think AOC is just a mouthpiece. She says what she is told. We need to see her in more interviews. They are very entertaining.

@ThomasWic Your Red Mega Tsunami is coming in 2020. This makes me certain of it.

Cripes. Look at the list of goals at the beginning of that ridiculous document. We enjoy all of it right now, mostly thanks to the free market. Any shortcomings on that list are the fault of Democrat, Left-wing politicians. IF this plan were to be implemented, it would mean disaster. They will destroy civilization and the planet along with it.

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