One could make, I think, a perfectly valid case that if one side commits mass voter fraud, the other side wins BY DEFAULT.
I don’t see why the side which followed the rules the 1st time, is obligated to spend more human BTUs to do it AGAIN against the side that cheated up the wazoo. You can’t just keep trying to cheat until you win.

@Debbie742 @ThomasWic

I don’t recall specifically, but he seems like the personality type that doesn’t look at child’s safety the way the rest of us do. He would be indifferent at best to missions like this, disbelieve the scope of the problem, and divert energy and money from these operations to more favored ones of his handlers. He would feign support for these kinds of ops.


This op doesn’t sound very “Biden Administration” -ish.

From Monkeywerx. Involves seven Google (surveillance) balloons over North Carolina and a child trafficking bust of 150 kids.
Just a couple minutes long. Start at 18:00:


Torba (and others) don’t realize that the # of visitors to Trump’s blog is irrelevant. Every statement he makes there gets picked up and goes viral everywhere else; even on Twitter. TrumpBrain has transcended the trad social network model (again). His actual presence on their platforms is no longer necessary.




This is awesome.
I’d love to see the faces in the room when the guy revealed that.
Can you share a link to the whole video please?


Intriguing Monkeywerx today related to the AZ audit.
Start at 31:45 and watch to the end:



The reference to diamonds and thief the way Trump masterfully uses it here sets off my esoteric language detector. He's painting something like a parable here. There's more to it than meets the eye. My first thought was the Hitchcock movie "To Catch a Thief".
How do you catch a thief? In that movie, it was a serial thief. Same with our movie
A sting op is how you catch him.

Excellent lecture arguing the not-evolution of the human eye by a Christian professor.
I think a reasonable person may agree with his “perspective” by the end.



Did Marine 1 not land at the White House? Why not? Where did it land?


@moe3030 @ThomasWic

I think for that short trip, the Prez would take the big green Marine 1's. I don't know if those aircraft show up on the aircraft tracking sys Monkeywerx uses.
It seems strange that that odd helo would be following Marine 1 or even have a good reason to be pinging on that sys while inside a TFR if he's doing stealthy security.

Interesting Monkeywerx “oddity” for the list. Starts at 10:00:



And I'm adding 10 points for the use of "flopsweat".

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