This op doesn’t sound very “Biden Administration” -ish.

From Monkeywerx. Involves seven Google (surveillance) balloons over North Carolina and a child trafficking bust of 150 kids.
Just a couple minutes long. Start at 18:00:

@ThomSam @ThomasWic Didn’t Biden come out and say he was putting a stop to these operations? Hmmm…

@Debbie742 @ThomasWic

I don’t recall specifically, but he seems like the personality type that doesn’t look at child’s safety the way the rest of us do. He would be indifferent at best to missions like this, disbelieve the scope of the problem, and divert energy and money from these operations to more favored ones of his handlers. He would feign support for these kinds of ops.

@ThomSam @ThomasWic Fact checkers said ICE cancelled Operation Talon but ICE was under Biden admin when it was canceled. And this says it only pertained to illegal immigrant sex offenders.

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