This op doesn’t sound very “Biden Administration” -ish.

From Monkeywerx. Involves seven Google (surveillance) balloons over North Carolina and a child trafficking bust of 150 kids.
Just a couple minutes long. Start at 18:00:


Torba (and others) don’t realize that the # of visitors to Trump’s blog is irrelevant. Every statement he makes there gets picked up and goes viral everywhere else; even on Twitter. TrumpBrain has transcended the trad social network model (again). His actual presence on their platforms is no longer necessary.




Intriguing Monkeywerx today related to the AZ audit.
Start at 31:45 and watch to the end:


Excellent lecture arguing the not-evolution of the human eye by a Christian professor.
I think a reasonable person may agree with his “perspective” by the end.



Interesting Monkeywerx “oddity” for the list. Starts at 10:00:



You don’t say..

“BREAKING: Biden’s DHS may restart construction on the U.S.-Mexico border wall to fill any “gaps” in the current barrier, says DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas”



Trump’s surprise public appearance with FLOTUS and Baron on Easter was very resurrectiony.


Trump’s posting power is increasing in force, and pushing hard for Corp boycotts. And he’s not easing up about the vote fraud. Quite the opposite. The pendulum is swinging back after relative quietness. Something is up, or headed our way.
We need a bat signal for Mr Wictor.
@ThomasWic where are youuuuuuuuu.

I hope TrumpTwitter requires paid subscription, JackTwitter has to pay a daily rate in accordance with his TrumpSins, and anyone who screen caps a Trumptweet for Jack gets TrumpSued.


We should use our Sun Tzu/Wictor Glasses when viewing the Trump Media Platform news

The pitch: Coming out in 2-3 months. Funny name.

What the critics heard: Too late. What an ego. Why not Gab or etc. He's too old.

Translation: Our platform has been in development for 2-3 YEARS, YUGE equipment and infrastructure budget, WE FULLY CONTROL IT. No one can tell me what NOT to say. Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.


Re your comment about devolution possibly beginning in 2015 even, I recall from Trump’s inauguration speech, from1:30-2:50 of the below video, is there something more to what the military is doing behind him? Is that customary/tradition? It happens right as Trump is describing the transfer of power:



On its own, probably nothing.
But fits on the very long list of

Let’s say you’re Saudi Arabia and you want to recruit the best drone pilots on God’s green earth. What do you do?
I’ll tell you want you do. You do this:


@ThomasWic @YMKYMFOI

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