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The intolerant leftist mob is coming for Christians everywhere, and we were just the latest target in the way this past Wednesday night.

The Family Foundation of Virginia is the largest and oldest pro-family advocacy organization in Virginia. Our team and supporters were denied a meal for our beliefs when Metzger’s Bar and Butchery in Richmond, Virginia, refused to service our pre-reserved event, leaving us scrambling just moments before.

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@JackPosobiec: "If only there was a word for when a small group of outside actors and secret security officials conspire to throw a sitting president out of office"

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@watch4thedrop @SpiceOfOurLife

Exactly. Everyone wants that miracle weight loss pill and they think it's here in Ozempic. But, long term nothing can stop a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

But this is a great drug for diabetics and people need to understand that. I hear doctors prescribe it for non diabetic patients and it's wrong, IMO. There are other weight loss things out there not created with the diabetic in mind that they should consider.

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@Klang @SpiceOfOurLife

interesting how you never hear anybody bitching about lack of long term safety data or FDA indication approval when it comes to these types of medications. drug is ok'd for diabetic weight management in 2021 and in 2022 every single man, woman, and child who doesn't want to give up their poor diet and sedentary lifestyle comes in to the pharmacy asking for ozempic leading to shortages. humans are funny.

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Trump and only Trump was born for 24. Ron can run in 28. Besides that, after reading @RonOgletree toot the other day, I don’t believe Desantis is even considering a run in 24

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Some time ago, we discussed on here who we would like to run for president or on the presidential ticket. I take back wanting Mike Pompeo. Sorry son of a b****.

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The old guard of the Republican party is losing their control.

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Pathologist furious: every doctor who participated in this should go to prison

"It's not the time to say sorry, it's time to throw these bastards in jail," said the pathologist, who speaks of 'dying the big'. “We have witnessed the greatest mortality in the history of medicine.”

"Not only the politicians, but especially the doctors are the main culprits because they have handed over patient care to the government. That has never happened before.”

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Commentary about recent WaPo story clarifying what was found at the Mar-a-Lago raid
RTFA (or the link to WaPo at the top) for more but here are some tidbits
- mostly souvenirs
- didn't want to give up stuff he believed was his property
- mind reading about motive
- example of ongoing TDS on twitter

Time to let it go.

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There is plenty of good news in the midterm results. The GOP did very well in California. The two largest blue states, New York and California, are both examples of what works and how to move forward, starting with outstanding candidates and working hard to encourage voters.

In Orange County, Republicans voted for Republican Brian Dahle over Newsom by a margin that was 12 points higher than the 2020 Presidential vote

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The midterms produced a rising star in Lee Zeldin. These are counties that he flipped red compared to Cuomo in 2018.

These are landslides


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Moms for Liberty-backed school board members fire superintendent, ban critical race theory...

" Within two hours, the school board had voted to fire the district’s first Black superintendent, terminate the district’s lawyer, ban critical race theory and set up a committee to decide whether certain books and materials should be banned from schools. "

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My Political Positions :

Abortion: Tilt D
LGBT Rights: Tilt D
Guns: Solid R
Healthcare: Solid R
Regulations: Solid R
Taxes: Solid R
Police: Solid R
Drugs: Likely R / supportive of mari legalization
Foreign Policy: America first
Trade: Tariff the shit out of west taiwan

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