Not only will General Flynn be vindicated and cleared BEFORE the election.

I think POTUS Trump intends to appoint General Flynn as his NSA, AFTER the election.

With instructions to 'seek and destroy.'

The ULTIMATE kick in the gonads to Obama, Clinton and their FakeNews apparatchiks.

It makes sense. And it's EXACTLY the type of thing Trump would do.

Revenge will be very sweet indeed.

The end.

So that's my theory, and I'm stickin' with it!

I thought for a long time that the regime might say that Suleimani was "martyred" by jihadists in Syria, but there's actually no real ground combat taking place.

The LAST THING they wanted was for the US to kill Suleimani.

Like me, the regime had no idea that Trump would pull something so brilliant and audacious.


So of course that's why Trump did it.


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