The establishment moves against ANTIFA.

At first glance, a good move. Right?

But consider again.

These idiots are demonizing extremists on both the left and right, with outright purges and intimidation. The objective is to silence them.

History proves how dangerous that is.

Sure, radical anarchists such as ANTIFA may wage war against radical right-wing militias. But they may also join together out of convenience.

I wonder if DC bureaucrats ever thought of that.

Believe it or not, but ANTIFA and militias such as The Oathkeepers share common goals.

They are both anti-government and in particular despise what each view - from different perspectives - as authoritarianism.

And boy oh boy, by these clumsy and foolish actions, Biden and his incompetent bunch of idiots are giving them reason to join up, in some way.

Let's hope that doesn't happen.

I sure miss Trump.

The end.


@REX AntiFa isn't really anti government or anti authoritarian, just as the left wasn't really pro free speech, pro civil liberties, and anti militarism when dubya was President. Everything about them is in bad faith.

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