We should start a "Learn to Code Institute" to ensure these soon to be unemployed inkshitters learn a useful trade.


The problem for the FakeNews is that during these investigations, there will be clear evidence that many outlets and reporters knew full well that the Obama/Clinton Trump/Russia story was a lie.

There will also be evidence that reporters worked with the Obama/Clinton goons, both before and after the election, to promote the lie.

The evidence will be emails, phone transcripts & social media comms (eg Watts app).

There will be many scared reporters out there right now.

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Me too. Hillary is an abomination. She hasn’t goodness in her body. She is evil.

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Next up exposing Obama's administration for what it really was, one of the most corrupt and inept administrations in the history of the USA.

@TommyDK @DeplorableAynNY I have had huge problems in NZ's socialized healthcare system. They are always moving the goalposts and providing less and less service. the ageing population and cost inflation have stretched resources without a corresponding funding increase from taxation.

Cohen is now getting slammed about his statement that he would hand over all his tapes, admitting that the tapes have clients on them. Cohen is DEFENDING that position. "I'm just trying to cooperate, sir."

No regard for attorney-client privilege.

By using Cohen, a liar and felon, to libel the POTUS in the House, the Democrats (and FakeNews) have hit a new low.

To do so when POTUS is overseas creating history, is doubly insulting. It's disgusting and cowardly. IMO, a red line has been crossed.

Of course, it's a sign of their utter desperation. These vile people know what's coming down the line. This is all they have left.

And they underestimate Trump, who will now counter-punch with devastating effect, as he warned them he would.

Tweet from @dbongino —

Do the libs in the media find it just a little odd that an attorney, who made his name by surgically attaching his lips to rears of the Clintons, is working pro-bono for Michael Cohen?


@REX I think I found the Smollett / Kamala Harris connection. So sorry, attached wrong picture previously and I didn't catch it until now. Corrected pic attached.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.