What an amazing rally!! We are truly blessed to have Donald J. Trump as our President. It is going to be a landslide victory in 2020! And I like how he doesn’t mince words...people need to hear it like it is...especially the crimes committed by illegals. (Interesting that Lisa Page had to get a restraining order! Wonder what that’s about?) Looking forward to the next rally!

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If you recall, it was my impression that the turning point was crossed in January 2018.

I said then, "this may take a couple of years, but it can no longer be stopped."

State terrorism loses all ability to sustain itself once people lose or overcome their fear.

The question is not whether the Mullahs are going to fall.

The question is when.

1. Most don't understand what's at stake.

There is a subversive army of globalist ideologues within, seeking to destroy the American nation state.

We know who they are. They don't regard themselves as 'American'. In fact, they don't even believe in national sovereignty, or borders. They despise the idea and seek to replace it with a utopian global system.

We must be honest about the danger. Their assault is well thought out, prepared and targeted.


The UK is in BIG trouble.

This jihadi walked out of jail without parole board review, under a leftist 2005 law that makes release automatic for every inmate, half-way through the inmate's sentence.

2019. The UK now has 250k + inmates on release and the probation services can't manage them all.

20% + of beat cops have PTSD.

Total systemic failure.



President Trump on Facebook:

"I will be representing our Country in London at NATO, while the Democrats are holding the most ridiculous Impeachment hearings in history.

Read the Transcripts, NOTHING was done or said wrong!

The Radical Left is undercutting our Country.

Hearings scheduled on same dates as NATO!"

β€œAdam Schiff has been my congressman since 2012. He became my congressman through the redistricting process,” said Jennifer Barbosa, an independent who is challenging Adam Schiff.

Schiff is wasting federal funds trying to impeach President Trump, while his state continues to suffer from an unprecedented homelessness crisis, pointed Barbosa.


1. The implosion of the Democratic Party accelerates.

What many are missing about this Impeachment drive is that it is also splitting the Democratic Party apart from within.

I've been pointing out for a while that Schiff, Pelosi, Feinstein and other senior Dems, have lied to their own members. Many of the same members who are now discovering they have been lied to.

Their leaders haven't told their Democratic members in Congress the TRUTH:


Ryan Fournier

The DNC dropped their October FEC report in the middle of last night’s debate with the hopes no one would see it.

The committee is $7,048,210.14 in debt.

RT so everyone can see how broke they are! 🀣

Trump Administration Announces Historic Price Transparency Requirements to Increase Competition and Lower Healthcare Costs for All Americans | HHS.gov

@Jackie I am absolutely stunned this would be considered at any school, library etc where children are present. Look at them!! They look like friggin hookers!! If these were real women this would never be allowed. WTH is the real agenda behind all this???

American Uprising
Everything is about to change.
Daniel Greenfield November 9, 2016

This wasn’t an election. It was a revolution. (Without a shot being fired!)
It’s midnight in America. The day before fifty million Americans got up and stood in front of the great iron wheel that had been grinding them down. They stood there even though the media told them it was useless. They took their stand even while all the chattering classes laughed and taunted them.

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We make bread and pizza here.

My wife makes a country French Bread that will make you slap your Mama...

I make NY thin crust pizza

We use a variety of different flours but this is our favorite.

Not just because of the name
(But it doesn't hurt)

Is there someone who can reach out to Trump to tell him to have ALL ADS subtitled??? So many deaf people have an intense hatred for him and the lack of subtitles and captioning isn't helping!
Yes, deaf people vote based on whose ads are captioned or subtitled.

's cities are becoming war zones as protesters are refusing to back down.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.