Italy's new PM-elect Giorgia Meloni makes statement via twitter.

She petsonally thanks all political partners, through all her trials and challenges.

She sends a very special thanks to the Italian voters for electing her as their 1st female PM.

She will not let Italy down and will rsther make Itsly rise.


@RichSementa: "'In a major victory for members of the NYPD’s largest police union, a judge ruled Friday cops who were fired for not getting vaccinated against the coronavirus have to be reinstated' "


@bennyjohnson: "This is currently the most πŸ”₯ video on the internet. The revolution is happening in CALIFORNIA.
Please share. Wow. [video]"

The focus on Desantis is being used to cover the larger question.

How did Illegals end up in Florida?
We all know the answer but the Democrats and Media all want you to believe it began at Desantis.

China Sends Warning to U.S. About Domestic EV Battery Production...

"... the ambassador went on to say:

" To decouple with China means to disconnect from the world’s largest market as well as the biggest opportunity, [...] the industry chain has been relatively well established over past years, and there would be no winner if anybody wanted to intervene or even destroy [that.] The electric vehicle value chain, or specifically the supply chain, is very globalized. " "

1) Attorney General Ken Paxton
BREAKING: I just secured a MASSIVE VICTORY for the Constitution & Free Speech in fed court: CANNOT censor the political voices of ANY Texan! The 5th Circuit β€œreject[s] the idea that corporations have a freewheeling First Amendment right to censor what people say.

HUGE - Fifth Circuit just ruled that the Texas law prohibiting Big Tech from censoring speech based on political viewpoints is now ACTIVE and LEGAL. This means as of right now, every Big Tech platform that's censoring Texans for any "viewpoint" reason is in VIOLATION of Texas state law and can be sued by Texans.

I intend to be among those to sue Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google for their blatant, multi-year discrimination of my own viewpoints.

What, they're expected to read the laws they pass? Even the executive summary?

@ChristinaPushaw 🐊 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ : "Underrated aspect of Martha’s Vineyard meltdown today: The funding for transporting illegal aliens to sanctuary jurisdictions was a highlight of the budget @GovRonDeSantis signed MONTHS ago. Dem legislators performing outrage today voted for it 🀑

Promises made, promises kept. [screenshot]"

Germany is committing national suicide
An eco-obsessed elite has sacrificed energy and food security to the climate agenda.

It says Germany has huge shale oil deposits that they could get with fracking. Unbelievable. (Saying the same "Unbelievable" about the Biden administration too.)

No more β€œBump β€˜n Grind” for you, R. Kelly. At least not outside of a prison cell.

According to a poll by InsiderAdvantage/Fox 5 Atlanta, Herschel Walker leads Raphael Warnock 3 points.

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