Funny how those who have been shouting this from the rooftops (for over a year) never seem to make it onto the television shows, never make it into the political discourse of either side, never seem to be given Emergency Use Authorization for their technologies/therapeutics…

Oh wait, it’s not funny at all.

Biden Admin Concerned as Mayo Clinic Study Shows Pfizer Vaccine Dropped to 42% Effective

Gee, it’s almost as if these vaccines aren’t targeting conserved, immutable sites… oh right.

But that’s ok, we can just keep creating boosters when the inevitable new variations arise. 🤑🤑


“It appears that @US_TRANSCOM is conducting a Turbo Activation of 15 @DOTMARAD and 2 @MSCSealift ships.

They will require crews to quarantine and that will prolong the full activation of the ships if they follow protocols.”

“We're told there are at least 6 House Dem moderates who have told leadership that they'll vote against the budget later this month unless the Senate deal comes up for a vote

But Pelosi made crystal clear today she's not wavering”

Seth Keshel, on stage right now at the ‘cyber symposium’ claims Gov Greg Abbott will soon be announcing support for the Texas Audit Bill.

Perhaps vaguely related.

Either way, a quality thread with many video clips from the senate floor… for anybody interested in such things.


Early this morning, Sen. Ted Cruz said he would continue his holds on State Department nominees until Biden stops appeasing Putin with the pipeline.

“I will place holds on these nominees unless & until [Biden] follows the law and stops this pipeline" - Cruz

Video emerges of Hunter Biden claiming Russian drug dealers stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Vegas hotel room.


‘The Russians have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex!'

One scientist attempted to explain to Jennifer that she, and people like her, had long since voted everybody who believes in the existence of “women” out of office.

Unfortunately, this fact proved too traumatic for Her and caused a relapse to her previous state.

Heated Debates are under way on whether we will ever witness such an event again.

Breaking news!

A once in a millennium event has occurred today.

Jennifer Rubin has had a brief moment of clarity and formulated a tweet that isn’t complete nonsense.

Baffled scientists, who previously thought such an event impossible, consider themselves lucky to have lived in a time where such rare events can be captured for the historical record.


“Of all the files, this is the weirdest I found. It removes a lot of hardening done to the system and would allow the system to be attacked easier than normal.
It is inconclusive about whether or not this file was executed, but the existence is strange and it wont be hard to prove it was executed by looking at the registry.”

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