1. You see, this is what happens in journalism when you let incompetence float to the top.

Karen Tumulty seems determined to destroy her own career, in a never ending series of idiotic tweets.

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My Newest Companion Video to my Thread TRUMP'S =THE RISE & (inevitable) FALL OF ADAM SCHIFF
where I try out a new Presentation Format.


Hunter Biden and now Paul Pelosi Jnr.

Have you noticed how Pelosi's son is now in Trump's crosshairs? Remember, DJT never tweets or alleges anything that doesn't turn.out to be 100% true.

Libtards,. FakeNews and 'Fact checkers' are going NUTS. Which tells you all you need to know.

Again, Ukraine is the key.

They thought she'd never lose....


If anyone asks you about "climate change" , just tell 'em we're all Carbon based 🙃

Anyhoo, I got what I wanted for Christmas. I got to see my turtle after 3 years. Hope y'all get what you asked Santa for too.

Merry Christmas everyone. Health is wealth.

Merry Christmas everyone !

I'm just preparing for 2020
I have a feeling it's going to get quite messy 😉

There are certain advantages to spending the day with the wife's Dominican crowd.

This is one.

Going to go make the salad and when the turkey comes out, carve it and give the cats some when it’s cooled off a little. I place the rest of it it carved in a large dish and cover it with the lid and some aluminum foil until we are ready for it.

Take care all and be back in a while! Well, after a good period of time to digest it all!

@Debradelai that wink tells you she's got @Debradelai under control. Many treats will be under the Christmas tree for her.

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