NYPD officers rescue almost 30 dogs from animal-fighting ring trib.al/rlyQJnZ 

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2:01 AM - 13 Oct 2019
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1. It's fantastic to see a genius plan come together. Classic Trump strategy at play here.

Remember, there is ZERO evidence of any ongoing investigation into Giuliani. IMO it's 100% BS.

Plus these two Ukrainian guys are Guliani's clients. No risk to him. BUT I've no doubt they're both bad guys.

That's important. Why?


@ThomasWic How serious is Brian in getting fit?
THIS serious=he's bought a Trike (a 3 Wheeled Bike) for about $2,000 & is seeing a Personal Trainer twice a week.
He's down to 295 from 330

Just finished a thread:

"We're getting out of the way so this doofus can put his hand on the hot stove AGAIN.

Check back in a few weeks, you'll see Wictor is right about this."


Today my wife and I celebrated our 58th wedding anniversary.

We're looking forward to the big 60.


🎶If you like Subpoena Coladas,
Getting caught in Ukraine
If your name is Joe Biden
And you’ve got half a brain
If you like making love with Bubba,
Getting rolled like a crepe,
You’re the swamp thing we looked for,
And we’ve got you on tape 👍🏻🎶

Outstanding presentation by Glenn Beck of the stunning corruption of Obama's administration, focus : UKRAINE.

Whatever you might think of Beck, these chalkboards presentations are excellent. Well worth your time.

Prepare to be blown away.



Saudi Arabian women to enlist in their country's military - report

The Defense Ministry will now allow women to enlist in the army's air, ground, navy and missile force branches, according to reports.

Saudi Arabian women will now be allowed to join the military for the first time, the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al Awsat reported on Thursday.

This is another step toward equality in the historically ultra-conservative country.

Pocahontas trying to extort Zuckie and force him to toe the line.

It'll backfire.

She'll turn him into a Trump supporter, yet.

MSM are throwing EVERYTHING at him=to no avail. He's already won. As the next few weeks & months roll by
's will keep pointing out to America where the MSM are lying & engaging in propaganda & making sure the gets out.
The Justice these SHITBAGS thought they had suborned is coming for them.

Go on. Stare at it.⁣

In Greek mythology, staring directly at Medusa's face would transform a person to stone. Feast your eyes without fear on this @NASAHubble image of the Medusa merger, a galaxy that is more than meets the eye: /image-feature/goddard/2019/hubble-finds-medusa-in-the-sky/


A Young Black Leader at our @TPUSA White House trip asked @realDonaldTrump to sign the Infamous misprint of Newsweek’s election edition erroneously featuring “Madam President”
The President winked and signed it RIGHT on @HillaryClinton’s face.

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Devin Nunes looks exhausted at this point.

What a fighter and patriot. Nunes just keeps on going.

A humble man, I don't think he understands what an amazing figure he has become.
Nunes reputation and legacy will echo over decades. You can be certain that Trump has him marked for great things in 2020-2024 - and beyond.

Starting with the Presidential Medal, we can only hope. Once Biden is stripped of it, of course.

But I waited, because I knew that JUST MAYBE, something would change, and I would not remain the person I was.


For the better.

So just avoid negativity. I'm not saying become a happy, shiny person, grinning and giggling with joy.

I'm saying just don't live in darkness.

It can kill you.


Declassified - The Epoch Times
Brian Cates


Mass Media Panic: AG Barr Showing Up in Italy With US Attorney Durham

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