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Hannity just cancelled me for tonight. But there are current interviews today on OANN with @JackPosobiec and with @AndrewWilkow

Judge Sullivan canceled our November hearing because of our "comprehensive briefing." Sounds like he will just issue an order. I would expect he will at least require the prosecutors to give us more of the information we requested. Stay tuned, thank you for all the support & please spread the word on all your social media! .

Holy crap,

"new lead counsel for Mr. Flynn has
given the government every opportunity to dismiss this case in the interest of justice on its own
because of the rampant wrongdoing of government agents from the inception of the “investigation” and prosecution of Mr. Flynn. Instead of doing so, the government has continued to defy its constitutional, ethical and legal obligations to this Court and to the defense, and to hide evidence that it knows exonerates Mr. Flynn."

Yet another day of WINNING.

Beijing bends the knee. The regime knows Trump is a lock for 2020.

Trump is a truly incredible POTUS.

'At last, we have the evil Drumpf'

This time it's the 'tax returns'.

You'd think these leftist morons might've asked a basic question - if Trump's tax returns were damning, wouldn't they have been released by now?

Er, yes. Yes, they would have been. But still they !

Trump is playing them. He knows that the tax returns reveal zero, but he's going to force them to spend treasure & time all the way to SCOTUS, where they'll lose.

Then Trump will release them.

WINNING : the timing of Ukrainian ambassador Yovanovitch's recall is no coincidence.

This rat is up to her neck in the Trump-Rusdia hoax and Obama corruption.

Ordering her back to the US will cause deep fear in the Obama, DNC and Clinton camps. It means shi&s about to get real.

Right now, watching Obama goons and pig ignorant libturds shaking their fists at the sky, screaming 'Orange Man Bad', is insanely pleasurable. The walls are collapsing around them.

Trump and the Saudis understand that Israel and the Palestinians are locked in a permanent dance of death.

So the Saudis and Trump have as their goal ONE EVENT that will change the dynamics forever.

Attacking Iran in retaliation for the mullahs' own attacks will simply create the same dynamic that exists between Israel and the Palestinians.

Regime change in Iran is the only answer.

But the Iranian people are in the driver's seat. THEY decide when.



Cooler weather sounds nice!!
We drop in temp next week! Yay!

Anyone know what link to post to set up an account or view someone's timeline?

I can't get it to work for Larry S. on Twitter

Devin Nunes looks exhausted at this point.

What a fighter and patriot. Nunes just keeps on going.

A humble man, I don't think he understands what an amazing figure he has become.
Nunes reputation and legacy will echo over decades. You can be certain that Trump has him marked for great things in 2020-2024 - and beyond.

Starting with the Presidential Medal, we can only hope. Once Biden is stripped of it, of course.

Who is going to be at the Dallas Rally on October 17th?


"TEXAS is ranked the #1 state in America for women to start their own business.

Thanks to the amazing women entrepreneurs in Texas"

Eric Holder thinks a “political line” has been crossed by Bill Barr in the probe into the origins of the Russia investigation.

The self-described “wingman” for Obama told a Fox News reporter that Barr “is paying a price” and has affected the reputation of the Justice Department in his actions which, he contended, are more like those of a personal attorney for President Trump.

The stock marlet was over 500 points down while Pelosi and Schiff were crying over a dead terrorist and mounting their seditious circus.

Harbor no illusions. That is the purpose of these vermin: to create chaos in the markets and make the country ungovernable.

They will stop at nothing to subvert the elections.

Trump War Room posted:
Former CIA Officer

"[The complaint] went through layers of editing & coordinating... that leads me to believe that this whistleblower that we keep talking about is just the face of an entire group that's at the CIA that's pushing this thing forward..."

@Jaime @ThomasWic @DuaneCates They have exhausted their historic arsenal of dirt. Nothing stuck, he got more popular. New stuff is countered like it was a trap in the first place.

This seems like total genius the like I have never witnessed, unrolling.

@DuaneCates Things seem to be happening faster. Do you notice an uptick?

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