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1) @ThomasWic has explained again and again the word CLANDESTINE. He has provided examples and has stated flat out that he is done hand holding those who need constant reassurance. I do not know him nor do I know @Debradelai ; however I have been here since QV's inception. My strengths are in English and History, both of which I taught at the high school level until I had to retire due to ill health. Perhaps for those of you who want to SEE something happen, this thread will help you.

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Teddy Roosevelt had a working brain. On immigration for example:

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Necessary remainder time.

SQV is free to use, but not free to run.

A couple of lattes a month from each user will help us pay and grow.

To all those who already contribute...thank you! You make this possible.

To all those who don't...what are you waiting for?

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DITTO, @Debradelai

I know virtually everyone on SQV follows Saul, and has seen his request for support for this forum.

But just in case you’re one of the few who don’t follow Saul but follow me (who the heck am I kidding??) PUHLEEZE consider a monthly contribution to keep this forum alive.

Love, @spinmaven

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Great endorsement for the loony son of a Fascist, grandson of a Nazi...

Antisemites of the world, unite!

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@spinmaven @Debradelai If *I* can afford a monthly donation to SQV and Odyssee then EVERYONE can. 🙂❤

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Prediction: @watch4thedrop is about to lose his mind! 🤣😆😇

Heinz will now let customers CUSTOMIZE their ketchup via


IRS whistleblower breaks cover after Hunter Biden claims via

Tragically, *this* is what passes as a principal in today's world. You couldn't pay me enough to teach today.

NC teachers 'in tears' over senior prank where teens trashed school via

Boy, this one hurts.

Tina Turner's final interview just six weeks before she died aged 83 via

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@BirdDog @Debradelai @mubby

California government has resolutely refused to add water storage capacity for the past 40 years, despite the state's human population more than doubling - and despite voters approving a bond issue for billions of dollars to add storage NINE YEARS AGO.

There is no drought. There is no water shortage.

It's about CONTROL.

It's all about the "Social Credit Scores" with these companies. Ugh 🤮

Calls to boycott Adidas over women's swimwear advert via

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@SpeakerMcCarthy: "More than half of the Democrats in the House of Representatives just refused to vote yes on a resolution that:
1. Commends police officers
2. Denounces 'defund the police' efforts

This is not your grandfather's Democrat Party."

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