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1) @ThomasWic has explained again and again the word CLANDESTINE. He has provided examples and has stated flat out that he is done hand holding those who need constant reassurance. I do not know him nor do I know @Debradelai ; however I have been here since QV's inception. My strengths are in English and History, both of which I taught at the high school level until I had to retire due to ill health. Perhaps for those of you who want to SEE something happen, this thread will help you.

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Victor Davis Hanson criticized Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, for Milley’s retirement speech in which he blasts “Trump without mentioning Trump.”

“As Gen. Milley leaves office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, on his last day he goes out ranting about his loyalty to the Constitution and not to a ‘dictator’—blasting Trump without mentioning Trump, and thus trumping as it were Trump’s own excesses with those of his own,” Hanson posted on X.

In my day that would have been felonious assault among other charges.

Shocking moment Michigan teacher is knocked out cold by female student who hurled a metal CHAIR at … via

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Moment 11,000 cops storm Venezuela’s most dangerous prison and find ZOO, casino, nightclub, pool, s… via

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That's a hard NO from me. @DeWalt I'm gonna go ahead and speak for you on this one...NOPE!

Would YOU sign up? Elon Musk's Neuralink is recruiting participants to trial its controversial brai… via

Biden's non-binary energy official Sam Brinton is sued by African designer whose clothes he stole f… via

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@loganclarkhall: "remember when trump predicted exactly this would happen and the entire narrative industry published articles in unison assuring us it definitely wouldn’t happen? [screenshots]

>@FoxNews: 'NYC to consider removing statues of George Washington, create reparations task force amid budget cuts '"

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Provoked Thoughts.

"I am 80 years old. My job is to give people hope. If I were allowed to change some things, if I had magical powers, I would like, without causing pain and suffering, to reduce the number of people on the planet. Because there are too many of us. This is a planet with limited resources, but we are depleting them. But what I'd really like to change is the unsustainable lifestyle of everyone else."

Jane Goodall
U.N. Ambassador Of Peace

The ironies? Don't know where to begin.

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This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Americans' cars now have 'unmatched power to watch, listen and collect information about what you d… via

WHAT in the world?

The world's deadliest karaoke song: More than a dozen people have been MURDERED while singing THIS … via

Sound decision!

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin pardons father of a girl raped in her school bathroom by a 'boy in… via

Oh, hell...the garden gnome is back.

'More subterfuge!' Fauci is branded a 'fraud' and a 'liar' after admitting there IS a lack of evide… via

Just stumbled across this

"People You Can't Trust" - Why Did Obama Compare General Flynn to Putin?

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@BirdDog @Debradelai @Julie

...Heather Humps Her Two Mommies will almost certainly cause a stir.


Shame them. Shame them every chance you get... while living your best life.

You're exactly right, Dog - that's how we win!

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