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Mother of Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale shared several gun control posts on social media


Not looking good at all for the gun control crowd. 😒

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Nashville metro police reportedly arrived within 15 minutes, and engaged the threat, who was firing on them as they approached.

@ClayTravis: "Michael Collazo and Rex Englebert were the brave @MNPDNashville police officers who arrived at the school, ran to gunfire, and killed the trans murderer before she could kill more innocent people. They are heroes. Share their story widely instead of the killer’s name. [images]"


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Confirmed: Suicide-by-cop for a trans terrorist.

@steph_pagones: "'So basically that post I made on here about you, that was basically a suicide note. I’m planning to die today,' he wrote.

nypost.com/2023/03/28/nashvill via @nypost"


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🌞 Beach day picnic 😎 83° on NC coast at Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks 🏖 with Sir Henry 🐾

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@darulharb IMHO, one minute after Trump says, “So help me God” on 20 January 2025, we need to “Arc Light” every base in Afghanistan, destroy every piece of equipment, and kill every Chinese soldier on Bagram. The second minute should be even better.

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I wonder if this is good enough to lure @watch4thedrop to move to Ontario.

"Pharmacists in Ontario are being given the power to prescribe new over-the-counter medications.

The Doug Ford government made the announcement on Thursday in its 2023 budget, saying the original push to have pharmacists prescribe some medications has been “hugely popular.”"


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Just to touch bases:

Trump has not been arrested.
Trump has not been indicted.
Alvin Bragg is still a tool.
Fauci is still shooting his mouth off.
Bakhmut has not been taken by the Russians.

Carry on.

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Today's creative challenge. In 6 words or fewer write a short story about this photo. I'll start.

"Love your neck of the woods"

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Today's Trek Toot.

Happy 92nd birthday to William Shatner. And happy 21st birthday to my youngest son Mike.

That took a bit of planning.

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@RangerJohn @RavenTracks @watch4thedrop

The potency degrades over time.
The problem is having the correct antibiotic for the problem. Any professional would tell you NO it’s never a good idea. I would assume more people bank medications than would care to admit. Just get to the clinic as soon as possible if you can’t stand it just go to emergency. You need to be your own strict advocate when it comes to your wellness and healthcare. Nobody knows you better than you.

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@RyanAFournier: "A short list of the people who should be receiving the same treatment Donald Trump is getting right now:

- Joe Biden
- Hunter Biden
- Hillary Clinton
- Barrack Obama
- John Brennan
- James Comey
- James Clapper

But this would only happen if we had equal application of our laws."


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True. But that's only his slice of California.
Statewide California has long had a serious Gang problem. Now those Gangs are working for the Cartels. I'll go one step further and say, so do the Politicians.

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@DeWalt @SpiceOfOurLife

The biggest and most destructive gang in California occupies the state house in Sacramento.

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Growing trend: Chinese nationals at the southern border 👀


"What is notable is the people have no bags, they are not carrying personal belongings, or even wearing backpacks. Do they look like they have been traveling on foot for a very long time? They look fresh and their clothes are clean. Something is fishy."

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1) Live updates: Trump indictment vote delayed, grand jury not meeting today.We’ve learned that the grand jury considering charges against Trump in Manhattan won’t be voting on an indictment today because it isn’t meeting at all.It’s unclear why this apparent schedule change occurred, as is when the grand jury will next meet. The grand jury meets on Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Norman Keith Varner has twice been convicted of possessing child pornography and failing to register as a sex offender

The convicted felon petitioned to have their name legally changed in 2018 to Kathrine Nicole Jett, but it was denied by Trump-appointed Judge Duncan

Duncan was the target of woke students over the refusal when he attended prestigious Stanford Law to give a speech earlier this month


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