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Zombie Land Saga (yes, lots of zombies in anime)

Anime loves to poke fun at their own cultural oddities. This one portrays just how far some will go to create the next "Idol" (girl singer) sensation.

In the year 2018, Sakura, along with six "legendary" girls from various eras of Japan's history, are brought back as zombies by a man who seeks to put together an all-zombie idol group known as Franchouchou.

Hint: If you don't like dark humor, don't watch the 51 sec. clip I cut.

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@TechnoGeezer @GodlessNZ @chart_map

I'm glad you feel that,way.

As you well know, bigotry has no place in this platform.

You chose to ignore that.

And as is so often the case,with bigots like you, you try to play victim and feign offense.

So be it.

Any more examples of bigotry from you, and I will, indeed, delete your account.

That's what makes us different from Jack.

@WWG1WGA @TechnoGeezer @Lonestar @RonOgletree @ThomasWic @melody I was 17 yrs old when I got my last slap in the face. I think I'd rather get the switch.

@TechnoGeezer @WWG1WGA @Lonestar @RonOgletree @ThomasWic @melody I probably deserved mine also. He always gave a warning, "Don't make me undo this buckle."

@WWG1WGA @TechnoGeezer @Lonestar @RonOgletree @ThomasWic @melody My Dad used a paddle for a very short time. He was hitting my brother with it so hard it shattered. He went back to the belt, it was always handy. My last whoopin was with that belt & I can still remember the welts. I'm all for corporal punishment but within reason. To me 3 or 4 wacks on the bottom are sufficient.

@TechnoGeezer @Debradelai @GodlessNZ @chart_map

Attack, not. Chastise, yep.

When I was very new to twitter, he chastised me for very salient reasons which became apparent on immediate reflection.

He does not chastise just because. In some very small respects, he and I have come to know a thing or two because we have seen a thing or two. Far more to him.

I have been raised to consider constructive criticism and wise enough to know it.

Dad's paddles were always different sizes. My sister and I 👭 would hide it so we could spend an hour or two 👀 for it when he wanted it before going to the basement to make another🙀

@DonnaLea @Lonestar @RonOgletree @ThomasWic @melody

@JM @TechnoGeezer @Jackie The left won't be happy until they ruin everything. They're joyless assholes who want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

@TechnoGeezer @WWG1WGA @Lonestar @RonOgletree @ThomasWic @melody Switches! Kids today don't even know what they are. My Mother made you pick the switch she was going to use on you. She would hold one arm while switching your bare legs. My Father used his belt. He didn't care where they landed.

@TechnoGeezer @GodlessNZ @chart_map

I am trying to determine if you are just an idiot, an ignoran moron or a bigot.

Maybe all three.

Until I figure it out, your account is limited.

On this day in 1865, Abraham Lincoln is shot by an assassin. Did you know that Lincoln was shot on Good Friday? April 14 also happened to be Good Friday that year.

Unfortunately, as we all know, Lincoln would pass away the next day.

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