I have decided to take a long-term hiatus from SQV. maybe a permanent one.

I have completed the framework for my news aggregation webpage.

I'm going to take a week off from posting then launch my site.

Many of you had a profound impact on my life over the last year and a half. I will miss you, and, I will always treasure our conversations!

If you would like to receive notice when I launch my site, DM me your email address.

I can also be reached at the email in my bio.

Adiós, mi amigos!



This place won’t be the same without you.


Sorry to see you go! I'm sure you have your reasons. Thanks for all the great posts and travelogs! 😘


VERY sorry to hear that. We'll keep the light on for you, all the best with you aggregation page, please at least pop in to post links.

@TearGasBreakfast Im sorry to hear that,Robert.You're such a part of our family here.You will be very missed.I wish you well with your webpage and where the journey leads you.But you WILL be missed. 😢


Oh dear, I'm sad to hear that you're leaving... But of course, I wish you best of luck in whatever way you choose to continue in your life.

May your aggregation site be very successful, and your photography talent should definitely get more recognition.

I'll DM you my Email, which some people here already have (and it is actually easy to find online).

Peace, my friend!

@Linnie @DTPrez @StevenDouglas @BlkLdyPatriot @QuillClemens @DonnaLea @Debradelai @leslied_g @Gmajv

@TearGasBreakfast Robert, I will miss your updates, photos, and perspectives...Good Luck, my friend!

Good luck with your endeavors.

Was it really necessary to remove your entire SQV history?

Best of luck to you.
On another note .. Friends don’t leave permanently.
Stop in once in awhile to say hi.
Stay well♥️

Dang, Inhope you don’t cut all ties here. I have so enjoyed your travelogues and photos. Your viewpoint on news always makes me see another angle that I hadn’t considered. Best of luck in your new endeavors.


When I was a teenager, I told my father that I'd just told my employer that I was thinking about quitting. Dad said, 'You're lucky they didn't fire you.' They didn't, probably because they figured I'd be gone soon anyway, and they didn't care.

You did mention before that your ultimate goal was your own gig. Nevertheless, your announcement is a breathtaking example of chutzpah, if I may also borrow from another language.

"On the whole, I'd rather be somewhere else."


@Wendy @TearGasBreakfast

I don’t see it that way, Wendy. He’s launching a new website that will be a news aggregate service — not competition for SQV. It will be a huge undertaking and he won’t have the time to chat. I’ve enjoyed his posts here and I wish him well in his new endeavor.


You can't find it now, but he made it clear a while back that his intent was to build an audience here and other places, then go his own.

His posts are gone from SQV.



@Wendy @TearGasBreakfast

Again, it appears that his site is not going to be anything like SQV, but rather a content source. It won’t be competing with SQV because it won’t be a chat format like this.

There is nothing dishonorable about building an audience for his content on multiple platforms. It’s the only way to ensure any chance of success if he wants to launch a website of his own. On top of that, he was honest about it.


Again, his posts are gone from SQV but he siren songs from Gab, Twitter and TruthSocial. What does that tell you?


Well okay. So long, Bob.


@TearGasBreakfast Alas, tried to follow but I am stuck at my limit. I am Of course lol


I just got this because I was away for couple of weeks to help care for my uncle.

What's this you are going to the dark side?

Good luck with your web site.

I believe in the importance of individuality and objectivism. We must go where we can seek our own happiness. The problem, avoid getting caught up with collectivist shit holes.

It is not a balance it is a commitment.

Hold the line and steady as you go mate.

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