I was in college when this happened and remember it well.

The movie really gave me a viceral reaction. Go see it if you have time.

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Wow, that is awesome.

That movie is going to redpill lots of people.

Just went with the wife to see Richard Jewell. Really liked it...especially the end were someone shouted Trump 2020 and the majority of people started clapping.

SoCal folks.

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@Tatonka @drawandstrike 's writing is always on point. I would like to add my 2¢ regarding the creative license taken in the movie, adding a reporter sleeping with a source for tips/leaks about the case.
It would not surprise me at all if Clint Eastwood suggested that part be added to the story. To get people to make the connection of how this recently has happened more than once in similar situations where the media rushes to destroy a person without fact.

@Baline @drawandstrike

Wife and I have a babysitter and are going tomorrow night! First movie we're going to see in YEARS.

Hate Hollyweird but love Eastwood.

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