About damn time people are starting to wake up to this Socialist Dim BS crap (literally). Now do we have enough people in CA any longer that isn't on some form of welfare aid to bring the Republican Party to lead the House, Senate and Governorship to lead the state? I doubt it but I'm sure going to push for it.



A lot of welfare sucking the life out of this state and Dims just keep dishing more. Makes you wonder just how low they're willing to go.

@Elaines2cents @JM

Death spiral sad to say. Could be fixed, maybe, but it would require a lot of sacrifice some thing so many are not going to be willing to accept.


They are willing to tax every last penny, totally eliminate the middle-class. The wealthy will just move funds and protect themselves, the poor have no money.


And when the poor have less and less money they become the "slave class" to the elite... at least that's the goal of the leftists here.
@Buddy @Elaines2cents


True, create dependence, Socialism an easier sell! Indoctrination, from education in class. Convincing parents and students to borrow money for a worthless education and burdening them with debt.

@Buddy @Elaines2cents

Higher education has been pushed as the "answer to all your problems". I can't count how many times I heard growing up that all I need to be successful is to go to college and get a degree... and that's it! No advice on how to save, manage the debt, what degrees to choose, etc. And staff advises students to take out the maximum amount the loans allow. Insanity
@Buddy @Elaines2cents

@mariel @JM @Buddy @Elaines2cents me too but not quite a bad as this generation. I was class of 89. I had to pay my way. When I went the financial aid people tried to convince me of loans .. I refused .. I said if I cannot pay it myself , I will not go. I ended up getting two years done and then my career with my full time job took off ... sometimes I regret leaving school but I made far more then my friend who is an attorney did for many years and just now is she now moved ahead of my pay



Class of '90 here! Worked full time and paid my way through college.....I actually feel bad for kids now.

The university I graduated from (top 5 vet/pre med program) has now turned into a LA gender studies factory.

I still have time but major hesitations about sending my kids to the propaganda factories.

@mariel @JM @Buddy @Elaines2cents

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