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On my other social media, people on both sides of the reparations issue are still letting the House Democrats manipulate their emotions.

Mission accomplished.

It will pass in the House, then die in the Senate. And, afterward, citizens both for and against who are blind to the manipulation will be angry at those of other races.

That is the House Democrats' sole purpose for bringing it up in the first place.

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WIki-level research:

I was subjected to another absurd article from The Guardian the other day and decided to see who runs that shit show.

Ultimately owned by the Scott Trust, which was run by Dame Elizabeth Anne Lucy Forgan from 2003-2016.


"She initially worked on newspapers starting with the Teheran Journal..."


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Should have posted this last week...

‪WW2 - D-Day. Invasion of Normandy [Real Footage in Colour] via @YouTube‬

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Canadian insanity intensifies .....

Canadian Federal Prison Poised To Introduce Heroin Injection Site For Inmates

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Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Boys raped by priests at 'satanic parties'🤬 🤢 🤮

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Now, the cops don't contain the illegal Mexicans in any way.

There isn't a single aspect of my life that has escaped being negatively impacted by illegal Mexicans.

The food is now poisonous, the traffic is always bumper to bumper, it takes eight hours to be seen by an emergency doctor, all my insurance rates have skyrocketed.

We not only need the wall, we need mass deportations.

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Then, have dept of labor start looking into the working conditions of the people FaceBook, YouTube and others have monitoring posts.

There are thousands who spend 8 hours a day looking at child porn, rape, murder and violent death and all sorts of horrible stuff to keep it from being posted.

This would seem to me to create a hostile work environment and should be looked into.

As Andrew Breitbarts said "F*** you, War!"

Time to start getting serious.

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@capnjoe @DuaneCates

"My father says almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says only a few people are awake. And they live in a state of constant total amazement."

--Joe Versus the Volcano

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Trump and his allies have shown us and the world, that change is possible. Yes it can be difficult. But it is possible. This coming election cycle we have to like we have never 'd before.

We have to get involved locally. The same type of corrupt apparatus we are seeing come to light in D.C. is alive locally. Smaller in scale and reach. But doing damage just the same.

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The Red Arrows, in a phenomenal acrobatic display, spell out a message of displeasure with Khan!😂

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".the D-Day invasion of storming Normandy. That was an act of selflessness for the country. That's unimaginable today. What we have today are parades celebrating the self. We have self-love and we have self-care. We have selfishness.
Selflessness is replaced by selfishness and humility is replaced by pride. It is a horrible thing. No matter your sexual preferences, no matter your sexual views, no matter your religious views, no matter your moral views, pride is terrible."

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