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Hmmm...Pelosi doesn't like this video that President Trump shared on twitter.

She is demanding that both Facebook and Twitter take it down.

It would be a shame if this was shared here.

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After the awesome acquittal speech today this song brought tears to my eyes, knowing what our wonderful President has given up & fought for in the last 5 years for the American people. ❤️ Our country has been blessed to have him for President

@Tashkikat Maybe Raffensperger should investigate how many times his deceased son voted for Joe Biden.

Now the SOS of GA is going to investigate vote fraud?????

"How did Brad Raffensperger happen to come across evidence of voter fraud taking place at Stacey Abrams’ New Georgia Project? Simple, the secretary of state announced late yesterday — he opened his mailbox. Raffensperger told the media that Abrams’ group tried to register his son in three separate applications — even though he’s been dead for two years."🙄

Amazing Polly: I JUST HAD SO MUCH FUN IN MASK LAND! It felt so good I couldn't wait to tell you about it! 😂 😅

A summary what was learned at the AZ hearing on election fraud:

— Dominion machines were likely connected to the Internet

— Email alleges 35,000 votes given to each Democrat candidate in Pima County

— A forensic audit could resolve many questions

— Estimates say as many as 300,000 “ineligible voters,” including felons & illegal aliens, voted in AZ in the 2020 Election

— 1 poll works says state directed her to give provisional ballots to voters regardless if they met residency requirements

***Here is what Arizona intends on doing and Pennsylvania already took this action!!!*** Simple resolution on a majority vote.

Cannot nail down the stream segment. But the spokesmen from the AZ legislature stated that this is EXACTLY what they will do. They will take back plenary power to send THEIR OWN electors via a simple resolution and simple majority vote. No bill, no new law required. No possibility of veto.

PA has already done this...


Dirk Diggler
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BREAKING GA Investigation Uncovers Over 56K Non Residents In Absentee EVIDENCE- pulled from

Thread by @PaulSchmehl: Thread: Trump has multiple paths to victory. He currently has 232 electoral votes. So, he needs 38 votes to win. AZ = 11, GA = 16, MI =16, NV = 6, PA =...

President Trump Preparing for a Second Term

FTA. Since the President was in the Eisenhower Office building with key Defense Intelligence Officers, there have been a most interesting series of actions coming from the Oval Office. If one observes the Trump inner circle, they are all DIA. The pardon of General Michael Flynn, frees up the most dangerous democrat asset the President had, in it reinstates all of the Generals high level security clearances.

YouTube Gets Brutally Ratioed After Attempting Woke Takedown Of Thanksgiving

America is NOT in the mood for more lecturing from SJW/google on their national holidays and traditions😅 😂

Rudy W. Giuliani...

I am unable to find the Book of Palms in either the Old or New Testament?

Could Biden have had his own independent revelation?

Trump administration removes experts from Defense Policy Board

President Trump is on a tear. He is firing swamp critters embedded in Washington for decades.😀

The GSA letter forces Biden to disclose conflicts of interest with himself and his team to "foreign nationals, and other foreign agents..."

So basically, Trump has just cornered Biden using the !!


1. Will Trump win the 2020 election?


Trump has already won the election.

Correct question : HOW does he subjugate the enemy's will to resist?

Follow-up qs - how does he do it, with the least possible damage to The Republic?


Jordan Sekulow on lawsuits filed in several states at the beginning of this week

One bombshell he mentioned is in Clark county Nevada. They threw out 160,000 fraudulent votes in a local race, but are counting those same 160,000 fraudulent votes in the presidential race. What??????

Paraphrasing Mario Vargas Llosa, I wish upon all Democrats the abundance of Venezuela, the salaries of Cuba, the Justice of China, the health care of Nicaragua and the Freedom of North Korea.

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