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This is absolutely outstanding and hey another example why everyone can ignore the mainstream media.

Our corner of the internet has brilliant minds. In this case, a searchable database of primary source documents relating to Mid Year Exam, the Obama FBI/DOJ cover-up of Crooked's illegal server.



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There are no words vile enough to describe Democrats! Pissed off Americans won't be giving the RATs a round of applause over this.

"It just got real folks - House Democrats have introduced bill giving coronavirus aid to illegal immigrants"


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This is VERY surprising.

Brace yourselves for a Trump landslide bigger than anyone expects.


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1. Election 2020.

My personal take?

Right now, Trump could lose the election.

Note - not will, but COULD. Consider:

The nation is now divided on partisan lines. Whoever the left puts up (it could be Mickey Mouse) will get millions of votes. Guaranteed.

The Chinese Coronavirus attack has been quite effective. Many blame Trump. Don't doubt the power of 24/7 propaganda.

If Trump does lose, America is finished. Thats the reality.

Clinton and Obama WIN.

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Watch the statistics next year.

Flu deaths will be down and Coronavirus deaths will be huge.

The numbers I posted for 2017 and 2018 were high years, but I chose them because they were the most recent.

and Coronavirus 2019 and 2020 fatalities combined will have to be substantially higher for the "Coronavirus Overreaction" to have not been a manipulation by the powers that be.

Same chart as above.

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I can't think of a good caption for this meme.

Can you? 🤔

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A friend just Whatsapped me this:

"Think about this. Between ONLY the DEPT of Education and the US Postal Service (never mind all the other dollars wasted), those two alone could receive a combined $50B (BILLION!!!). That’s more money than the U.K., France, Russia, Japan or South Korea spend on their defense budgets. Think about that for a second...We’re actually in the vice-grip of a seriously corrupt government that needs to be cleaned out...God Help us!"

We need all the help we can get.

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While we were all distracted with Kobe Bryant’s tragedy...Pay attention to the article to the left and this was in January 2020 before things got out of hand!

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I wonder if Xi and his fellow hacks ever considered what they were unleashing with the Wuhan virus.

So much misery and death. Of course, poorer countries like Thailand get hit very hard.

Payback will be huge.


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Very interesting article by Victor Davis Hanson.


The Psychology of Viral Paradoxes

Reliable information is so scarce, and erroneous news is so volatile, politicized, and often sensational that any analysis is either outdated by the time it is read, or it’s based on conventional wisdom that almost hourly is revealed as fake news.

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If you doubt Trump's genius, just read his books. You'll find a very different character to 'The Donald'.

Mind you, Trump INVENTED The Donald.

Here's an extract from page 78 of 'How to Get Rich'. Prepare to be stunned.


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1. New evidence that the Beijing regime deliberately let the Wuhan virus spread, w/o warning the US.

Some people appear surprised when I argue that the Wuhan virus was a deliberate attack by the Chinese regime on the west.

To me it's plain as day. Since 2017, the Chinese economy has been imploding. This was retaliation by Xi.

Ask yourself - why would a good faith govt deliberately suppress that it knew of the virus existence , while watching it spread overseas?


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