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Welcome dear Doctor @KBSalman and if you need anything please let me know.
I am sure you will love this amazing platform and the Amazing people who fill it with kindness, smart & respectable discussions and real news from around the world.

Don't forget to follow some of the best people I know.

Just to name a few.
I will give you more later.

Jet activities were reported near the Saudi/Iraqi border on Sunday night.
Unconfirmed reports claim the Israeli Air Force was behind the claimed attacks.

Source: @no_itsmyturn (Twitter)

Hani & Hud Yazarloo were arrested 22 days ago in . Authorities in Tehran's Evin Prison are refusing to provide any info to family members about their conditions or why they were arrested.
Be their voice.


What a retard. Sure. Build Komunalki à la Stalin and solve the "housing crisis"?

Why not, after all it has failed everywhere it was ever implemented, and turned every city into a shithole.

Low density American cities are the envy of the world.

This retard would love to see them turned into NYC "projects," Soviet "Khrushchyovkas" or Latin American "monoblocs."

His Metropolis distopia is the classic collectivist answer to the crisis collectivists create.

@Barb @ThomasWic @Debradelai @REX I did too Barb. How hard is it to search for Thomas? Not very hard! Those who haven't are simply lazy and they don't deserve the good stuff! 😂

So @catturd tweeted about an hour ago who misses @ThomasWictor know here as @ThomasWic so many in over 200 comments said they did, several from the group here tweeted the link to SQV, including myself.
Hope many come here to once again take in Thomas's great knowledge along with others that were mentioned in comments. @Debradelai @REX

Firts he attacks the Squad. Then he attacks Elijah Cummings. It's almost as if he wants the boobs to call him a racist so more and more black people will defend him. He's dominating the airwaves with Dems screaming raaacccisssttt, raaaaccccissssttt and saying really ridiculous things that only an idiot would agree with.

You don't think that was the plan all along, do you?

Gawd I love Trump. He is one of a kind.

1. Sir Kim Darroch - new leak : 'Trump nixed Iran Deal to spite Obama'.

This guy is a total moron. The entire GOP Senate opposed the Iran Deal, as did much of the population.

Tearing it up was one of Trump's key election platforms.

But I've no doubt Sir Kim believed his own BS. Like most globalist progs, he's an arrogant ignoramus, with no understanding of Trump at all.

So who is the leaker? Might be wrong, but here's my take:

@MahdiLock this is a very strange place for the internet. People actually care about one another here. Happy to welcome you in friend

Civilian gun ownership.

It skyrocketed under Obama, but the violent crime rate continued to drop.

Did I say drop?

The violent crime rate is PLUMMETING.

I have been teaching myself photography. I took this outside the house a few days ago. Been learning for 2 weeks using youtube.


I have a friend in Volusia County.

He was 100 percent apolitical. Never voted in his 34 years.

NOW, he's going to vote for Trump.

What made him register and decide to vote?

The endless attacks on Trump. They made him pay attention to politics, and now he's a solid Trump supporter.


Just flew back from Michigan after taking my grandsons back home and man, my arms are tired!

Anyway, I got this postcard in the mail while I was gone: "When Pinellas Dems vote by mail Dems Win!"

Mind you, I live in a very red area near the VA hospital and MacDill AFB; so this bears investigating.

Are they too stupid to even note that I'm not a registered Democrat? Apparently.

It looks like a high school student wrote it, with the pretty colors and butterflies. No unicorn?

Amichai Stein @AmichaiStein1
: US President Donald Trump says US Navy shot down Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz after it ignored multiple calls to stand down

BREAKING NEWS: President Trump says a U.S. Navy ship in the Strait of Hormuz shot down an Iranian drone which came within 1,000 yards

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