Welcome dear Doctor @KBSalman and if you need anything please let me know.
I am sure you will love this amazing platform and the Amazing people who fill it with kindness, smart & respectable discussions and real news from around the world.

Don't forget to follow some of the best people I know.

Just to name a few.
I will give you more later.

"There is no life without water. Because water is needed to make coffee.” — Anonymous.

America, you should take pride in this great man. He literally cleansed the white house and the whole USA of all the garbage left by his predecessor.

A real life Miracle Man❤️
God Bless❤️


The picture here is worth at least 100 Trilian words 😇 .

Just a heads up to anyone who is still on Twitter & has interactions with Saudi accounts.

If they seem chauvinistic & have fake names or stupid profile pictures then don't waste your time.
Some of my friends have been harassed by them for no reason lately.

The Parlor hoopla where they syphoned out hundreds of thousands of saudi accounts is a red flag for me.

I can't go into too much details but all I can say is they're Saudi but they are against MBS even if they appear to be his biggest fans

Congratulations to @HeshmatAlavi for getting his Twitter Page back.

I did not Congratulate you on Twitter because I want to leave some distance in order to avoid causing you any trouble.

Keep up the good work ^_^

Don't worry guys I'm ok now but I was kind of sick and almost threw up a couple of times today.

I am just telling you this because I don't want you to make the same mistake I did and then suffer like me.

I was just a little curious to see what CNN & MSNLSD are doing, that's all. I thought I can handle it but I took it too far and watched about ten minutes of each channel before giving up.

Be Careful please, I am not kidding. Kind of ^_^.

On Twitter & FB I have many people who know me personally & some are close relatives of my late wife. Therefore I am always hesitant to mention her in order not to stir up any emotions or make them remember & feel sad.

But here I can always mention her and not feel awkward about it.

I consider everyone here as family❤️.

Well, Today marks the end of the month of Ramadan and the beginning of Eid & so I would like to say happy Eid to my beautiful wife in heaven & to everyone here.💕


Even though I am not American I still love the USA and all it represents and admire the love and courage of True Americans ❤️ 🙏 .

I still remember when the American military was in Saudi and I made many friends from among them even though I was still very young.

They took the time and effort to teach me many things in life and even trained me in the Gym. They transformed my life and saved my country and forever I will be grateful 🙏 🇺🇸 🇸🇦 🙏

I saw this on Facebook and now I can not unsee it. It's only fare you guys share my problem ^_^

My late wife once asked me if I would get married if she passed away & I jokingly replied "immediately".

About 3 & a half years ago she did pass away unexpectedly after getting sick for one day😧

Even though I could get married anytime, my heart just would not allow it.💔

I choose to focus on raising my kids & fighting injustice.

I have so much anger that I am channeling to expose evil & help those I see worthy such as President Trump, King Salman & MBS.

Gotta go now, family matters sigh🙃

I was literally too busy to see the news and now I see this sri lanka madness.
All I can say is RIP to my brethren in humanity including my christian brethren whom I love very much
Truly sad.
I learned to love people of all faiths and accept them all with all my heart. My late wife taught me this in the USA.
As a Muslim, i have the Bible downloaded on my phone.
And to my jewish brethren, God bless and keep the faith.
God bless you all my dear brothers and sisters.

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