I said exactly this in my first or second post here on social.quodverum a while ago.

But when I said it I was not simply thinking of Fake Muslim Ilhan with her fake hijab & her apparently real marriage to her brother. I was thinking of her peers as well. And there are more coming soon.

But Omar is really hateful & when she says Saudi Arabia you can hear her throat screech loudly and horribly.

I am very uncomfortable watching her disrespect the USA and its people.



Here she does her job as a loyal Muslim Brotherhood puppet in trying to accuse the president of being a terrorist who wishes to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia who are terrorists but saying this in an indirect way.

These Fake Americans must be exposed. They are the seeds planted by the previous administration & they want the psycho form of Islam known as "Islamist" to be fed to the good Muslims of America.

They want to radicalize in the name of the

She should be censured for making false statements, in the form of innuendo, on the record. She made these statements,thinking that the seriousness of the allegations is enough convince them. She tried to bait him into agreeing with her and he wasn't taking the bait. She is such an amateur.


The Dems operate on false statements. And cursing as well.

Remember Thomas Wictor's video on Tulsi Gabbard exact accusation. I hope he gets his videos up and running again on the internet soon.

It seems that Saul and Thomas are working on the video platform. As with anything new, you have to take baby steps first. And like most of us, I too, am itching for more of his videos.

@THR There are people who are trying to expose her having committed fraud by marrying her brother (!!!) in order to get him a green card. If there is a federal investigation and suficient evidence is found, I'm sure there will be charges handed down.


This one, more than any of the others, is scares me. She is dangerous. I have never trusted her. She is vile and pure evil. That sick fake smile and sweet soft voice hides a monster.

Seriously, I don't want to say it out loud, but I fear for the safety of a certain person.


I think her days are numbered.
She will be exposed soon enough. She was asked about the marriage issue and did not deny. She will be deported to Somalia and will not survive very long over there.

She will be made an example of to scare the other fake American Politicians who might want to cause disruptions to their dem peers.

Let's hope and pray that happens sooner rather than later.

She is a Muslim Brotherhood operative in my opinion.


@THR @Linnie

She has no substance to hold her up. I agree.... she needs to be made an example of.

@MegasAlexandros @maat @Linnie

Notice all the attacks and name calling coming from "verified" accounts against POTUS. Truly despicable. Twitter is complicit in this harassment.

@THR @maat @Linnie

He’s up to something... they are shrieking bloody murder. 🤪
Everything is calculated... I never let myself forget it.

@MegasAlexandros @THR @maat @Linnie I agree with you. Maybe the Feds are about to charge her with immigration fraud and he's warning us it's about to happen? That would be the bomb.

@wziminer @MegasAlexandros @THR @Linnie

the most public figure in america just opened that door. i can feel the rush of wind.

@MegasAlexandros @wziminer @THR @Linnie

the reckoning will be with that mindset. she will be the mascot.

@wziminer @MegasAlexandros @THR @maat

On that would be lovely and deserving. Maybe Trump is giving us a hint.

@Linnie @wziminer @MegasAlexandros @THR

i would be surprised if it went that far, so much backlash. and she is not that effectual in reality. i think first the strategy of letting the public rip her down. serves the purpose even better i think.

@maat @MegasAlexandros @THR @Linnie Amazing responses in the comments. I have so fully emotionally unplugged from the frenzied lunacy of every information medium except Quodverum that it shocks the conscience to see how many people rabidly lose what should be a functional mind in response to ripples in their silly little ponds of Marxfurter virtue signaling.

@Clayrjr @maat @MegasAlexandros @THR

I left twit a few weeks ago. I Only go there to check on some folks who aren't here yet.

My mental state is so much better. This place rocks it!

@Linnie @Clayrjr @maat @THR

Ditto! I check out some key people... and get the hell out of that loony bin. Thank you to Jackass Dorsey’s slaves for permanently banning me over nothing... it’s been a massive intellectual, spiritual and physical detoxification!

@Linnie @Clayrjr @maat @THR

When I go check some of those special people I used to follow... sometimes I’ll inadvertently drift off into the insane asylum... that sick feeling sets off the alarm bells and get back on track. 🤪


That's perfect: drifting off to the insane asylum!

That's exactly what I did earlier and was mad at myself. I got furious at the Useful Idiots and had to escape back to sanity: SQV

@maat @MegasAlexandros @THR

Oh wow. Truth! He speaks the truth. She is an enemy of the US.

@Linnie @maat @THR

He’s exposing her... she wants attention... he’s going to give her more than she bargained for. He’s been dealing with attention whores for years... he knows exactly what makes them tick.

@maat @MegasAlexandros @THR @Linnie lol I love how everybody assigned names to who he was talking about when he certainly didn’t. He didn’t say every progressive Democrat woman he said progressive democrat women without saying how many or which ones.

@MegasAlexandros @maat @THR @Linnie right everybody will bring up AOC and she will respond to it even though he wasn’t talking about her

@Hunter @maat @THR @Linnie

Because they have lost their ability for critical thinking... Trump knows it and ALWAYS uses it to his advantage.

@THR i hope so, though tbh foolslike her and AOC are redpilling democraps at an amazing rate

@THR @Linnie well I hope they don’t kill her over there because then her phony asylum claim will be legitimized 😬


She's wiley. She thinks she's pulled the "perfect caper," marrying her brother ... thinks she's free and clear.
She has raging contempt for this Country and its people.

I think she'll be dealt with shortly. Americans are tolerant, but she's used up every chance she's been given.


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