For those interested, the live stream for the Iranian March for freedom in Berlin will begin shortly.

Your support is greatly appreciated and the light at the end of this Iranian Regime's Tunnel is almost visible.

CC. @DaeshHunter

@THR @IranPanorama @Iran_Panorama @HeshmatAlavi let me know if you need the embedded code so you can live stream it on any of your websites

@DaeshHunter @IranPanorama @Iran_Panorama @HeshmatAlavi

Strange, it was working earlier. Send me your embed code and I will add it the post. Thanks a million.

@THR @DaeshHunter @IranPanorama @Iran_Panorama @HeshmatAlavi

Just in case it helps in determining root cause of the live stream breaks, but disregard if not... from a viewer perspective... Have been on the link for past hour and a half. When first arriving, the link under "English" was active with video, but in Arabic. The link under Arabic said "Sorry this media is offline." 10 minutes later the one working link stopped, and both feeds have been down since. Best

@THR @DaeshHunter @IranPanorama @Iran_Panorama @HeshmatAlavi

The English translator moved his microphone closer 3 minutes ago and volume of translation became perfect. But his translation voice is gone now, cut out about 2 minutes ago. Video live feed is still good.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @DaeshHunter @IranPanorama @Iran_Panorama @HeshmatAlavi

Some stuttering is noticeable though.

An notice how they made available an Arabic live feed as well. This is a very positive notion because it is essentially a message to the Ahwazi Arabs that they will be treated much better than the before.

@THR @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @DaeshHunter @IranPanorama @Iran_Panorama @HeshmatAlavi This is absolutely amazing! The amount of people rallying with so much positive energy in support of a free Iran is overwhelming to see! 🙌

@THR @DaeshHunter @IranPanorama @Iran_Panorama @HeshmatAlavi

Hello, THR. Blessings From the USA for the Free Iran rally. I'm sure you are aware, but just in case, the English version of the live link is not functioning right now... "sorry this media is offline". Best.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @THR @DaeshHunter @IranPanorama @Iran_Panorama

Thank you for the feedback.
I'm hearing the live stream will begin at 1730 CEST.

Will post it here when it does.


@HeshmatAlavi @THR @DaeshHunter @IranPanorama @Iran_Panorama

Thanks! My family is there in Spirit regardless from Atlanta, GA USA. Today is my birthday. I believe birthday prayers to God of gratitude and appreciation of beloved people are extra powerful. Along with prayers for my family and country, Iran's people are in my heart today.

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