I'm late to the game, but it's one of the most disturbing tweets I have ever seen. And an indication of how serious things are, behind the scenes.

Clear incitement to murder/assassination of POTUS, by a prominent member of a dynastic family.


@REX Anyone who thinks that tweet was nothing should think twice. It's one thing if you're giving a bunch of amazing information about the 4th, but it's another thing to randomly tweet something so specific.

First Laura comes out of hiding to slam Trump for policies her husband engaged in and now this. Something is definitely up.


I think Jeb's implicated in SpyGate.

Mommy knows and is protecting her lil' darling.

Too bad, so sad.


The Bush dynasty is worried, since Trump was elected makes one wonder just how deep...?


@JM @REX @umad80

I have always been disgusted and suspicious of the very close relationship between the Bushes and the Clintons. It's impossible to believe that it's based only on mutual experience in politics.

But it is entirely possible to believe that there are mutual business interests which also intersect with the hatred of Trump. And who knows where that hatred led them all.

@janis @JM @REX @umad80
Part of a political STRUCTURE that grew out of the late 40's some call the where the endless "shift" Left to Right is a Rope-A-Dope on the American People.
Trump is destroying this Model with an UP/DOWN or +/- political Model that is FAR SUPERIOR.
Right now he's trying to Pull" as many Americans as he can to the Stable Middle to begin the Upward Rise.


Agreed. Even Reagan fell for some of this BS, although he fought hard in the beginning.

@janis @REX @umad80

@JM @janis @REX @umad80
I admire Reagan very much, but he wasn't capable of dismantling the Structure.
So he governed as best he could.
Trump HAS that capability.

@DuaneCates @JM @REX @umad80
Reagan was too beholden to ones who supported him to get elected.
Trump is only beholden to us and he's never failed us.
Reagan never intended to dismantle the Structure, but it is Trump's mission to take it down entirely. Worldwide. As I believe you and Brian have pointed out.
He is uniquely positioned and gifted for this job. He has no master except for the ultimate Master, and I think he never forgets that for even a moment.

@janis @DuaneCates @JM @REX @umad80


Trump can do it.

North Korea was the acid test.

Trump won over North Korean hardliners who had grown up being indoctrinated and who were members of the state security apparatus.

The United States poses no challenge whatsoever.

@ThomasWic @DuaneCates @JM @REX @umad80
Thus the complete outrage and panic by all the usual suspects.
Trump has done what none of them had the skill or knowledge or humility to do. And they are livid and screeching like howler monkeys hourly over it.

Good. It's making them so crazy that they keep making stunningly stupid statements which offend normies profoundly. But they're so far away from normal that they can't see it.

@janis @ThomasWic @DuaneCates @JM @REX @umad80
They say the *craziest* things! I've also seen a lot of shills and bots (new twitter accounts with no followers, etc) provoking racial arguments etc.

Look at the tweets on this article, for example:

Not buying that these are real people - I think they are paid provacatuers.


All the tweets I saw on the topic were making fun of the phantom black Ariel naysayers.

@janis @ThomasWic @DuaneCates @JM @REX @umad80

@baldilocks @astrogirl @janis @ThomasWic @DuaneCates @JM @REX @umad80

WOW, a very well funded website with highly paid writers resort to using these fake twitter profiles in their tweet embeds to prove their nonsense.

When we use Tweet embeds they have to be from reliable and reputable sources. Everything we report on must be supported with irrefutable evidence.

We don't make money but we refuse to stoop to MSM's current levels of Madness.

Just when I thought I've seen everything, Sheesh.

@THR @baldilocks @astrogirl @ThomasWic @DuaneCates @JM @REX @umad80
It's all they've got, M.H. Fraud, lies, professional malfeasance, corruption-- you name the sin, they're guilty of it.
Never mind, you can be poor and honest with the rest of us. 👍


@janis @baldilocks @astrogirl @ThomasWic @DuaneCates @JM @REX @umad80

I am loving it to be honest. You good people are the best company I can as for in the whole wide world 🙏 ❤️

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