Is it me or does it actually seem like more people from around the world are celebrating the 4th of July than Americans themselves?

Is it because the Media does not have as strong of a grip on people outside the USA?

What's the deal with fake Americans who somehow managed to become successful politicians while real Americans are having trouble competing.

To top it all off, instead of being thankful, these politicians denounce this unique privilege they have been given!


IMO, the 'fakes' have connections and are chosen, since they will behave as told. I believe much of this is changing, which is for the better.


Don't believe what you see on the news. Outside of the mainstream media being broadcast, I assure you in the heartland of America, we are celebrating hugely. Am taking a break for a few minutes from my happy rowdy crew in the living room here in Atanta, GA. We are between watching the Washington DC celebration, will go back to watching the fireworks, and then will have our own neighbor fireworks in the culdesac. Best!!!!!


And... remember, we are why Trump and Melania were on the stage tonight hosting our July 4th. Nobody on the planet heard us until we stepped up with a boom and flare November 2016. They did not see the patriots coming. Stealth Bombers.... but no more.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @THR Yes, even at midnight here the booms are still going off and our neighborhood was alight with joyful families celebrating. We watched the DC event and then the NYC event with tears streaming down my face. When my heart is full, my eyes overflow. As a first generation American I know how important
America is and how by the grace of God my parents came to Brooklyn and met in the coat closet at a party. Our family NEVER takes the US for granted!

@oystergirl @THR

1/2 Aw, what an awesome American story! Best!!

One side of my family came here in the early early 1700's from Wales and Somerset, England as indentured servants, earning their freedom after a 5-10 year service. My great-a-few-time back grandfather ran with Davy Crockett, jumping White Man's Leap with him to escape an Indian attack. On the other side...

@oystergirl @THR

2/2 ... On the other side, both of my great grandparents immigrated from Czechoslovakia as 19 year olds in the same month of 1905 on two different ships, arriving and processing through Ellis Island. They grew up 30 miles from each other, but did not know each other before meeting and falling for each other in the Czech community in Cincinnati, Ohio.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @THR What a beautiful story. My mother's family is old landed gentry from Yorkshire and on my grandmother's side the family is listed in the Doomsday book from the tenth century. My dad is Greek but born in China and lived a life that would make most people curl up into a fetal position. They both struggled to get here in the late 1950's and the rest as they say is history, well, at least our blessed family history! My hubby is a Mayflower baby what a butt head! :)

@oystergirl @THR

How fascinating!

Our stories are such a rich American tapestry. Ah, these folks who went through so much for a shot at a new life. My early 1700 indentured servant great great great+ parents would likely be thrilled to know their heritage and seeds bloomed. By and through the 1900s, we had a huge farm in Augusta, GA, Westpoint graduates, my granny was a 1920's audacious flapper and one of the 1st female PhDs in Chemistry. We have done all right, and they set it up.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @THR YES!!!! We all have a long line of ancestors marching behind us and I always stress to my children, in fact I did so tonight as we toasted the 4th, that without Grandma and Grandpa being shoved into a closet, NONE of us would be here! Each life spins on a dime really but it all seems so natural and easy when it isn't something to take for granted. I am so grateful for my life, my family and my country! Big hugs!

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @THR

Red, white and blue EVERYTHING in my small Montana town today. Choked me up...

@THR Did you hear about that speech by one of the Brexit MEPs at the EU parliament? Ann (can't remember her last name) who was sitting next to Nigel Farage. She made a stirring speech aboout EU treating UK like a colony and made references to US Declaratiion of Independence. Wow.

@lolajl @THR

The esteemed Brexit MEP you are referring to is Ann Widdecombe. Here is her speech.

Ann Widdecombe likens Brexit to the emancipation of slaves in EU parliament speech

@duende @lolajl @THR
Good for her, and unlike Nancy Pelosi, she doesn't look like she's been embalmed. And badly.
She looks like a brawler with guts and a brain. Just the type to be sitting next to Nigel.

@duende @lolajl @THR Thank you for tooting the link. Ms. Widdecombe was Kick Ass Phenomenal! 👏 👏

@THR M.H., the folks who elected Trump are partying hearty today and tonight. We are once more the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
This year in particular feels more like the 4th of July's that I remember as a kid. Back when we all took it for granted that America was the best country on earth and we were blessed to live here. That's true again and I thank God for it every day.

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