Always assumed MBS could speak English but was fascinating to hear the exchange between hIm and POTUS.

A lot of royals in the GCC had western Nannies so they grow up with positive western values and good English as well.


Interesting. Never heard that. Knew many sent to western boarding schools and colleges, but never considered their younger years. Makes sense. The ‘western nannies’ must’ve been fluent in many languages.


As far as I know, this is only the second time MbS has publicly spoken English at a formal occasion.

The first time he did so was at the White House.

Therefore both times were during meetings with Trump.

That significance won't be lost on Middle Easterners.

I knew you would comment on this specifically ^_^ ❤️

@ThomasWic @THR very few people can command a room the way that Donald Trump or Mohammed bin Salman are capable of. Two of them together...

@WarriorPoet @ThomasWic @THR what the Saudis did to the Turks Russians IRANIANS in SYRIA demands RESPECT One of the greatest military feats EVER! And if Lindsey Graham talks about Kashoggi one more time for his perverted friend EX CIA Dir Brennan I’m going to GAG He’s the ringleader of pedophiles. Graham is looking to squash the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia bc they neutralized Kashoggi a terrorist gun runner for IRAN the lunatics who threatened the King of SA I trust Lindsey Graham NOT!

@ThomasWic @THR I can't wait for the day the MSM and their minions realize that Trump speaks Arabic and Russian. Good lord, the sploding heads will be louder than the 4th of July fireworks.


I was thrilled to hear President DJT highlighting Saudi Arabia’s role in the fight against terrorism.

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