The picture here is worth at least 100 Trilian words 😇 .

@Pegster @THR

Great photos!

Where’s Angela? Oh, there she is. All the way at the end, like an afterthought.

@Momma_Voke @Pegster @THR

And shaking like a leaf at times.
Psychogenic illness is a thing. Maybe she should take a break.

Also note the position of PM Abe as opposed to President Moon of South Korea beside Xi.

The Bromance between Trump and MbS. 🤣


Moon needs to be far away so he doesn't appear overly influenced by POTUS.

Preserves "face" for the South and North Koreans to progress together!

Plus Xi, he gets scraps from the table.

@Pegster @THR

I can't imagine how angry the enemies of freedom are when they look at that photo, with MbS taking up so much visual prominence, and his wing man Trump next to him.


@THR And Merkel was put far to the right side ...


Merkel looks out of place...😂
💭 why am I way over here, by myself?


@JM @lolajl @THR For quick escape in case the delirium tremors set in again.

@TimToolMan @JM @lolajl


She was supposed to be the organiser of this summit as well.

@lolajl @THR
In theatre, that's called "stage left".

"It is no accident, comrade."

and the he dresses per his customs.

It shows supreme confidence

@THR I genuinely like MBS... I must admit to needing to be educated on a subject... but the more I learn the more I believe he is a great man and most likely the best friend we could have.

Is that Erdogan behind to the left of Trump and MBS?


He even changed his spot which was supposed to be China's but the President of China did not make a big deal because he has more class than erdogan the "Gollum ", lol.

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