Congratulations to @HeshmatAlavi for getting his Twitter Page back.

I did not Congratulate you on Twitter because I want to leave some distance in order to avoid causing you any trouble.

Keep up the good work ^_^


Wow! Congrats a voice that should never be silenced! Keep up the great work, we need you. 💕


@THR @HeshmatAlavi

Wooo Hooo... I just hope the people who have been posting his work over there since they silenced him, will continue to pass his work around.

We still need to counteract the crap that is being sent out by his silencers.

@THR @HeshmatAlavi How did this happen? It was so great to hear this good news.

@THR @lolajl @HeshmatAlavi

I seriously doubt it. They've been whacking down conservatives left and right ever since that tweet.

@Elaines2cents @lolajl @HeshmatAlavi

Just a guess.
Actually, I had a hunch he will be back because it looked so bad for Twitter at the time.
I think I found out before he did as well.

And we did make lots of noise. This one of dozens I did myself ^_^

@THR @lolajl @HeshmatAlavi

Sorry I missed these or I would have shared them. I have them tagged to read later. Thank you for your fight for justice for @HeshmatAlavi

@THR @HeshmatAlavi Great News👍Only because it’s want you wanted.😏

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