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Although I have American children, siblings and even though my late wife's birth certificate is not American, her Death certificate which is identical btw , is American, I still don't like to meddle too much in USA politics. I don't even understand the automatic citizenship based on place of birth. However, I see many new immigrants in the USA having the nerve to call Americans racists and even go to congress and have the nerve to throw out these accusations to decent Americans. Seriously WTF!!


When Alyssa Milano sicced the FBI on me, I asked them what I could do to help them evaluate the situation. I was 100 percent cooperative.

Milano told them I was crazy and violent toward women, so the female officer--they were cops attached to the FBI--challenged my statements in a less-than-friendly way.

I knew they were testing me, so when I reacted calmly, they closed the case and asked me for investment advice.

It pays to be smart.

John O Brennan Butt-Boy, John Sipher, going all in on the smear of a good man, AG Barr.

Sipher : man amongst boys, boy amongst men.

Barr is an experienced campaigner and a tough operator. He'd regard Sipher as a total loser. If he even knows about him.

All these leftard poseurs are going to pay for what they've done, big time. They think they're big players because they can have tantrums on twitter.

They have no idea of who they're dealing with.

Here's my exclusive Meuller Dossier Day photo thread tribute to Trump, Barr, Rosenstein, Sessions and Nunes.

I love the smell of victory in the morning, don't you?

This is The John Batchelor Show.
It is a podcast where a great writer and activist " Irina Tsukerman" was interviewed last night.

She did a brilliant job explaining the current situation in Ahwaz as well as it's history.

Even I learned something from this very short podcast even though I am the editor of T.H.R

@Lonestar @ThomasWic @Debradelai

Trump is giving the MSM a taste of their next Six Years.
He released the report to them AT THE SAME TIME as the Public!(Peasants like you & me)
After MONTHS of hype the MSM were NOT ALLOWED to get it early so they could "review & analyze it" FOR their Base as they'd demanded.
Millions of americans can now read it as the MSM weeps.

Trump will NEVER give them their Mojo back.

Is there any other imbecile today bad-mouthing Rod Rosenstein?

C'mon asswipes, apologize.

Long overdue.


So true, those who refuse help -- like an alcoholic or drug addict. Which this fits that mold.

People who do not vaccinate their children are a danger to society.

They should lose custody and go to jail for reckless endangerment and depraved indifference to human life.

@THR Iran and their terrorist sympathizers pay a lot of money to spread their hateful propaganda across the World . Leftists love to spread hate

@THR @ConnieB @Elaines2cents

And his daughter, too.

I tweeted about them a year and a half ago...

Follow the oil and arms supplies.

@THR OMG!!!! Now that makes certain events in the past more understandable.

@ConnieB @Elaines2cents @Debradelai OMG!!!! Now that makes certain events in the past more understandable.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.