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Just checking in to wish my dear friends and President Trump all the best.
Tonight, I will be praying for Trump as well as my dad who is in the ICU right now.
Also, The Herald.Report is back and @Turki_AlOwerde is now in control. He is literally the only one brave enough to accept the responsibility and II am loving the direction he is taking it right now.
I hardly agree with most of his views but greatly admire his enthusiasm and wish him all the best.
Cheers everyone & ❤️

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Damn, when I came back here I just wanted to wish everyone the best during election night while knowing most US citizens love Trump for sure.

I had plans to only talk about entertainment and health tips after the election and just relax and spread some amazing health information I researched for a year and a half.

Turns out this experience is ruining my health instead, lol. WTF😅

Anyway, I am still praying for Trump to win and for my Dad to get better soon.

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Alright dear Americans, I have to be honest with you.
The way you behaved when you learned who your next President is is unacceptable. Come On, You just elected your first Female president who will also be working as a full-time caregiver to a guy who already screwd up raising his son that lost his laptop.
I swear to God none of you would even dream of doing what she did.
I am really disappointed with you and I am sure all the dead people who voted will turn in their Graves. How dare you!

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Although I have American children, siblings and even though my late wife's birth certificate is not American, her Death certificate which is identical btw , is American, I still don't like to meddle too much in USA politics. I don't even understand the automatic citizenship based on place of birth. However, I see many new immigrants in the USA having the nerve to call Americans racists and even go to congress and have the nerve to throw out these accusations to decent Americans. Seriously WTF!!

@THR I posted your toot on the twat (with credit to you, of course) re: the real Al Aqsa Mosque, and this is what someone sent me in return. Prof Mordechai Kedar is one of the world's leading experts on this topic. This is about an hour long. @Zemeliko


May God hold you in His loving comforting hands and bring you peace and strength. Amen 🙏

Your father was one of the lucky ones having such a kind, caring and loving son.

@THR oh MH I am so sorry for your loss. I know firsthand how hard it is to care for your Father as he is dying and suffering. I wondered where you had been. God bless you MH and take care of you now. Stay in touch.

I agree with both of you: @Debradelai's videos are fascinating and informative. So are the entire QV site and platform.

And to you, @THR, I say - thank you for the fascinating video, and indeed, good to see you, brother.

Anyone who wants to do good in this world, and respects others (me included), is my brother (or sister).

Nationality is irrelevant. I see you as my true brother in spirit. And I feel honored to say so.


Being around helps. I miss not having a sounding board in the Hejaz...


You and dad had tremendous courage and strength. He passed his onto you. I am glad you’re okay, as okay as you can be, and welcome back


Hi, so happy to see you today! 🤗
Every time I see video's or photos of Palestinian victims, I pause and think these are most likely fakes! Sad, news is no longer trusted.

Stay safe, strong and healthy...🙏 's for all of you. ❤️


Indeed, very informative in the mosque subject. Thank you Mr. Aleisa.

Hi everyone.. I have to say, reading everyone's replies every time I post here about my times of hardship just brings me to tears. Thank you so much for your love and heart felt kind words and God bless you 🙏❤.

Also, I had a chance to follow the crazy news from Israel and I just laugh when I see fake Palestinian victims on TV.

I believe you guys will find this very interesting 😇.

Hey guys, long time no see 🙏.
So after about a year of suffering from Cancer my dad finally passed away. I lost about a third of my weight from the stress of just watching his pain and taking care of him. Yesterday, for the first time I actually thought about killing him myself but instead prayed for him and asked God almighty to end his suffering. Apparently, God answered my prayers and dad passed away with a smile on his face.
He was one of the first Saudis to get his PhD from America.🇺🇸 ❤️ 🇸🇦

Howdy ya'll , just checking in & happy to see everyone in good spirits & good health.
I heard The Cat in the Hat turned out to be a very racist animal & my kids are already big fans so now I plan on getting a pet dog to help in the healing process, lol.
Also, in a plot twist to my life at the age of 43, I'm now engaged 💍to marry a stunning gal 10 years younger than me but with a very high intellect. Now brainwashing her into loving all the classic rock & roll music YouTube has to offer.


How NOT to be a hermit.

First off, I love the movie 28 Days Later.

That said, it's FAR too violent. There's no reason to show what they show in the film.

Now, here's a review from an Irish hermit that's chock full of spoilers. If you have no plans to see the movie, feel free to watch it.

So what is the Irish hermit doing wrong?

Hey guys, just checking in to wish everyone a happy April 1st 💯 💕.

Alright, before anyone gets offended by watching Harvey Weinstein sitting casually in a restaurant instead of jail, just watch till the end of the video to find out what the disturbance was in the kitchen.

I hope no one hates me after this 💐.

Hello everyone,
Well, two days ago I took my poor dad by ambulance to the ICU in a military hospital where after they took him I had a nervous breakdown and some military officers kindly helped me out.
And then I watched the news... Guess what? I'm now furious 😤.
Mark Twain said
"Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it."
Well my loyalty is to ... MBS AND TRUMP.
Problem is they don't have their respective media gatekeepers on board with them.
Guess what...
This video should save you or someone you know a lot of pain and suffering. You're Welcome 😇.
Just keep in mind, healthy fats are mostly fresh animal and dairy fats.
Go healthy Low carb or full on carnivore and you will live forever. Even Cancer will be rare again if people followed his advice.
Also only cook food on low heat using safe cookware such as stainless steel and cast-iron
Again guys, I'm not going to be able to reply but I always read your comments ❤️.bye

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