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8 years ago today I started the three day trek from Georgia to Nevada, with a big ass uhaul towing a trailer with my car on it, a dog in the middle seat, and zero cruise control. I mostly slept and Dan's leg got a hell of a workout.

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Hello my darling quods!
I'm looking for books to read! American history in particular but I am also into essays and biographies. I would appreciate any recommendations.

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List of States (legislators) that toured/are touring the AZ audit.


Did I miss any?

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Guess what Afghanistan has?

Rare earth metals.

Guess who wants to corner the market on said metals?

The Chinese.

Guess who's bought and paid for by the Chinese?

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@BuckSexton: "Good time to remind everyone that we were assured Joe Bidens big selling point as Obamas VP was his 'decades of foreign policy expertise'"

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Right on schedule.

The 'moderate' (slightly less radical) Democrats in swing districts hear the rumbling on the tracks.

They know that next year will be a good one for the GOP, and their days in the majority are numbered. They also know that they are highly vulnerable, while the hardline squad radicals are safe.


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As the vaccine hysteria starts to die down (HA!) I have decided to come up with a new hashtag. This one will be dedicated to documenting wonderful memories from 2016-2020. The Trump presidency brought us a lot of highs/lows. Some great stories and amazing achievements were done and hopefully these things make it to the history books one day for our kids. We shall be able to give them a first hand account of what happened and what's more valuable than that?

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Praying for the US Marines in Kabul right now. Woke virtue signalling won't mean anything in that forsaken place.

Also, prayers for all US citizens and of course the Afghans, who face an unimaginable future.

The Chinese & Pakistanis will have promised the Taliban BIG $$$ to take US troops or citizens hostage.

I am sure they'll also burn the US embassy to the ground, or do something to humiliate the US as much as possible.

Too good an opportunity to miss.

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@CongressmanHice: "Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Joe Biden has 'been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.'

No one should be surprised by the disasters unfolding on Biden's watch."

(H/T @Roncoleman RT )

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Its now time for a new credo, given the recent actions of President Joe Biden and his party: Democracy dies in broad daylight.

The Democrat Partys handling of the renters eviction moratorium reveals their utter contempt for the separation of powers, the rule of law, private property rights, and the Constitution itself. And they are not shy about this at all.

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EXCLUSIVE: AZ Sen. Pres. Karen Fann Reveals Maricopa County Lies; Whats Ahead for the Audit?

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If it wasn't so tragic, you'd have to laugh.

Turns out that capitol cops didn't just let the so-called domestic terrorists into the Capitol Building on Jan 6.

They just didn't give a damn either way.

If anything, they supported those foolish enough to fall for Pelosi and McConnell's trap.

I doubt 90% of the capitol police knew they were being played, either.

But you guys knew all that already.

So far Elko county has had the superintendent resign, the interim superintendent step down, and two board members resign.

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Great 8-minute segment of Kash Patel interview by Jan Jekielek of Epoch Times (great investigative journalist - rare breed these days).

Kash runs through the executive chain of command of the US military, which does NOT include Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Milley), who only has an as-requested advisory position to the President.

Includes discussion about how a team was gathered by President Trump to prepare and execute al-Baghdadi's take down.

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Sadly we are now seeing the illegal detention (and alleged torture) of innocent Americans - mostly family folk, who don't even have criminal records - who entered the Capitol building that day.

What's happening is despicable. It is a travesty and goes against what America stands for. My heart goes out to them.

Let them draw consolation - if they can - from the fact that those who did this to them will pay the price.

By that I mean EVERYONE.

They just don't know it yet.

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