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Thread of Twitter.

It seems like years since they banned me.

I know people want me to watch three hours of joe Rogan exposing Jack Dorsey's lies, but I just don't care.

Twitter banned me for a dishonest reason, so it's not news to me that Jack and the head of the Sicherheits Abteilung are lying.

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First toot (such a fun quirky name for posts) and looking forward to reading lots of toots from people who aren't being throttled or shut down by Twitter anymore!

Also very excited to find @ThomasWic and being able to read his threads again!

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@LoriToney My Bro's Digital Footprint is getting bigger and Bigger AND BIGGER!!

All from a Blog he created in SAD OUTRAGE when the Left CELEBRATED the death of Andrew Breitbart & he SWORE he'd carry on Andrew's Legacy.

Within 2 yrs he was writing for Breitbart

5 years after that he's writing for the Epoch Times.

He has an AMAZING ability to explain purposefully complex politics in simple language=

I'm so proud of this Fat-Faced British Grocer lookin' Dude!

Hi all. First toot, thanks to Thomas Wictor tutorial on YouTube!

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.