BREAKING: The Jan. 6 committee has subpoenaed:

-John Eastman
-Michael Flynn
-Bill Stepien
-Jason Miller
-Bernard Kerik
-Angela McCallum

Flynn attended a Dec. 18 meeting in the Oval Office and discussed seizing voting machines and invoking the Insurrection Act.

Eastman pressured Pence to stop Electoral College certificaiton.

Kerik participated in Willard 'War Room' on Jan. 5.

Stepien turned Trump campaign into 'Stop the Steal' pressure effort.


Miller attended the Jan. 5 'war room' & worked w/ campaign to promote false 'stolen election' claims.

McCallum, a Trump aide, pushed MI lawmakers to delay certfication. She is the least prominent person in subpoenas.

FLYNN has evaded at least 1 congressional subpoena in recent years. Schiff subpoenaed him in 2019 on matters related to Russia probe.

She left a voice mail for a state lawmaker in MI saying Trump asked staff to get support for replacing Biden's electors.

~ Kyle Cheney 🐦


@SusanInVA —Sounds like desperation on the part of Trump’s enemies.

On one hand, you have Chris “Krispi Kreme” Christie giving a speech encouraging Republicans to reverse course, and on the other the DC Democrats grasping at straws in an attempt to torpedo a 2024 presidential rerun.

Nobody is paying any attention to this fake crisis they are attempting to drag on for another (12) months. Beating a dead horse to death hoping something will catch on. Circus continues.

@SusanInVA —Yep…the Bob Woodward Syndrome.

Putting words in people’s mouths they never said.

I suppose this is part of the “scoop” Frank Luntz was crowing about on Twitter.

@SusanInVA —Good grief…so ludicrous.😂😂😂😂

Did Jonathan Karl use one of those 🎱s you can get from Spencer’s Gifts or the Sharper Image????🤡🌎

It’ll be just another expensive doorstop in the line of a dozen.


Just as I quipped, these idiots are now trying to out idiot the Kenosha prosecutor.

Maybe this is their way of trying to throw a PR lifesaver to the media to talk about anything else, now matter how stupid.

@SusanInVA I request to be added to this list of honor, because
1. I was thinking Let's Go, Brandon! before Jan 6,
2. I want to be more famous for being such a trendsetter.

Good idea!
Me too.
These leftist schmucks will do anything for a headline. The fix has been in on this committee since the 2nd it was announced.
First time in history the minority party does not have access to documents and cannot request any.


“...others who strategized how to overturn election results from the outside.”

Politico isn’t even trying to hide their bias.

How about, “...others who tried to ensure honest elections”?

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