@ThomasWic You may appreciate this.
I've poster before about the construction job I've been working on.
A four year project.
At year two a TGIFridays abutting the road we were rebuilding was demolished and converted into
"MOKO Japanese Steakhouse"
Their work had nothing to do with ours other than it was happening at the same time.

Oh, and we had to drag their garbage back to their site almost daily.

On the last day, my brother and I were the only two people in the pool, and Carrie Fisher got in my lane.

He slowly swam toward me. I decided that when he rammed into me, I'd hold him underwater until he was quiet.

My brother has twice sensed when I was about to commit murder, so he said, "Tom, let's just go."

So we did, and Carrie Fisher got out of the pool to follow us.

He was smiling.

We stopped because of Carrie Fisher.

He was an old psycho who looked exactly like the late-stage Carrie Fisher and made gasping, popping, sniffing sounds as he slowly paddled back and forth for two hours.

We kept changing our schedule to try and avoid him, but he sensed it and changed HIS schedule to be with us.

The one on the left is a Daoist rain demon.

The guy chasing us looked exactly like that.

If this were an illness of white Germans, the Times wouldn't have opened its piehole.

I'm biased. My whole city has been taken over by Chinese. They chased me from swimming pool to swimming pool until I simply gave.

SEVEN DIFFERENT FITNESS CENTERS had Chinese pigs who blew their noses and hawked phlegm into the war.

One guy followed us to three different gyms. He was a swaggering prick who we called the Rain Demon.

In order to prove that we're not racist, we all have to DIE.

We have to welcome Chinese with open arms, despite the fact that their government is LYING about the extent of how far this new virus has spread.

To take any defensive actions would be racist and immoral.

The only way to prove that we're not racist is to face our own infection and death.

Women were tied up and tossed in the river.

If they floated, they were witches who were burned at the stake.

If they sank and drowned, that meant they were innocent.


For @RedWhiteandBlue

You posted about this.

The New York Times has adopted the old test for whether or not a woman was a witch.

I don't know how I kept from twisting his head around backward.

But the Chinese won. Their absolutely indestructible swinishness forced my brother and me to give ground to them.

The Chinese are one reason we're leaving California. They destroy everything they touch.

You can't be racist against a culture. Their culture is garbage.

That doesn't mean THEY'RE garbage.

Even though so many of them choose to be.


@timr @Pjlxyz @umad80

They’re fighting to keep their money flowing. Their kids’ money, too.

They don’t care about American citizens except that Lefts take as much money from us as possible.

Follow the money.

😎 >> WOW... The sparks are going to fly with Rudy involved. He is going to force these issues by going public with podcasts since too many corrupt people in high places don't want to touch this.

Giuliani was the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York during the 1980s. Giuliani prosecuted pivotal cases against the American Mafia, and against corrupt corporate financiers.

He obviously understands how to prosecute tough cases & win. Stay tuned...

“ Warren's confronted by a father.
Who worked double shifts to pay for his daughter's education,
And wants to know if he gets his money back?




This comment says it all:

“...I’m not paying for someone else’s kid to behave like they’re a Biden on a 4+year party binge. Craptastic economics.”

Watch Rudy’s podcasts here. He said he would begin exposing the corruption in 👏 rudygiulianics.com/

@Momma_Voke @vince lol! I was just reading a twit convo regarding student debt.

Below is the tweet that started it along with a great comment on how it started.
*I would also add that too often, young people who go to college on someone else's dime, do not approach school as seriously nor appreciate it the same as if they were paying for themselves-while they are attending.


@wziminer @Ballerina @inverness01 @Baline @Momma_Voke @vince

I have a friend who went to seminary. His advice on *honoring* was to make sure his parents had food, shelter and the necessities. It does NOT mean let them continue with toxic abuse- especially against grandchildren.

I have always thought that wise advice.

RT @superyayadize@twitter.com

Thank you @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com for protecting innocents so smiles like this can happen!

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