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MUST SEE VIDEO: Idaho Protesters Rally at the Home of Police Officer Who Arrested Woman for Taking Kids to Playground

The people are sick of tyranny.

A group of protesters showed up at a law enforcement officer’s home on Tuesday evening shortly after a woman was hauled off in handcuffs and arrested for taking her children to a playground.

Two uniformed law enforcement officials can be seen outside of the home and interacting with protesters who are outraged

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Fortunately I got them before this crap.

I love their plea to pharmacists to second-guess doctors. Fascism at its worse: deputize pharmacists to police doctors:

"Community pharmacists should use professional judgment to determine whether a prescription is valid and that there is a bona fide practitioner-patient relationship prior to dispensing."

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People assume that Trump's support for HCQ was a knee jerk reaction to Raoult's small study but I consider it much more likely he had been fully briefed on the results of its use in front line situations around the world for some time, including in South Korea which had been using it from the beginning.


I should have asked her that. I was floored that she couldn’t refill my prescription for it. I have HCQ for inflammation due to Lyme. She stated the governor mandated prescriptions can be written for HCQ only for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, and covid but only if you’re in the hospital, which is messed up. I walked out of the office in a daze. First time I was refused medication. I couldn’t believe the Governor limited a medical doctor’s professional judgement.

@Debradelai @KodiakIsland @Linnie @Bunniesmommy Stepping out of my pessimistic shoes for a moment; I have to agree with you professor and also disagree. I would argue that there were actually more ignorant and ill educated idiots in 2016, yet we got Trump elected. Granted, at each and every election we start at zero again. Maybe because the GOP has a history of handing victory to DEMs, sometimes it seems that we are taking on the punishment meant for Dems. We are Sisyphus, pushing the stone.

I love people acting surprised that grocery stores are running low when the govt forces the economy to contract.

Then you say maybe they shouldn't have been so draconian.

Then they freak out - PEOPLE WOULD DIE!!! etc. You can't win.

More ammunition against WHO.

I think we need a refund.

Taiwan releases December email to WHO showing unheeded warning about coronavirus

American Thinker
For all who celebrate Easter, I wish you a happy one in the midst of so much social and economic disruption. There are signs that all this shall soon pass and we will get back to our regular programming, including the likelihood that those in the intelligence community who misused their positions and broke the law to spy on their political opponents will finally be brought to justice.

Barr on Durham:

'His job isn't to write a's to bring people to justice'

Asking about Boris and if POTUS knows anything.

POTUS says he talked with Boris, didn't sound good, then announced Boris was positive. Says (as we know) he's not on a ventilator.

Talks about all the potential cures from all the smart people in the world.

The Brits have something different than Hydroxychloroquine that they're trying that works.

We shouldn't have to build a wall, it should already have been there for decades.

Hannity talking about Dems holding up the bill and them working on impeachment before that. Asking how his relationship with Pelosi, etc.

Basically Trump said it's not good. lol Blasting impeachment. Talking up Republicans in the Senate and House.

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