The Los Angeles Police Department’s Metropolitan Division will be required to cut back drastically on the number of vehicles randomly stopped in its crime-fighting, a tactic that has been criticized by certain groups concerned about alleged racial profiling, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The police union isn't happy.

"Not the real Sean Spicier" says...

@sean_spicier: "Imagine being so dumb to think you can impeach the President of the United States based on the word of someone who didn’t see anything and won’t swear to any of it"

See this video?

It's a 2017 YouTube video of the Annual Machine Gun Shoot and Military Gun Show at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.

However, ABC News played it and told their audience it was Turkey slaughtering Kurds in Syria.

Even President Trump is talking about this.

@ThomasWic After ABC gets UTTERLY Hosed posting footage from a Kentucky Gun Range as Syrian/Turkish Combat=
(Boardroom Conversation) "Goddammit!! Who would have every thought these F**KING SIMPLETONS getting the Internet & Smartphones would make Americans, ....dare I say it?

(Collective GASP!!)

We Teach Nothing, We Know Nothing—and That Could Cost the United States Everything

If Americans had solid foundations in our history, things like what's happened to Thomas Jefferson wouldn't happen. When museums such as Monticello turn away from much of Thomas Jefferson's life and his ideas to focus on slavery, this distorts history. Soon enough, the city he lived in and founded a major university in votes to stop acknowledging his birthday.

Vice President Mike Pence


Today, President Trump signed an executive order implementing a new range of sanctions against Turkey. To be very clear, President Trump called on the President of Turkey to stop the invasion, to enact an immediate cease fire & to begin negotiations with Kurdish forces in Syria.

Dear Antifa--

Please explain to me why pro-freedom marchers in Hong Kong protesting the heavy-handedness of communist China choose to march under US flags 🇺🇸 while YOU choose to burn US flags.🔥

An undercover video released by Project Veritas today shows a CNN staffer saying network president Jeff Zucker has a “personal vendetta” against President Trump.

Apparently some are making it about Zuckerberg not wanting his business to be broken up.

Others are making personal attacks on him.

But ultimately he's just a businessman. And he's very practical about what's good for business. He thought supporting the Democrats would work, it didn't.

Plenty of health insurance companies endorsed Obamacare because they were promised an influx of business. It didn't come.

That's what happens when you deal with socialists as a business. They screw you.

And big surprise, now Zucky is meeting with conservative leaders and the President to discuss the censorship of conservatives.

Now the Dems, plus Dorsey and his robot army are attacking him because they know what will come next. Facebook will begin rolling back their censorship and allow real news and information through their filters.

So now they resort to their only tactics, make it about Zuck's color and call him a threat to democracy,

For anyone not completely indoctrinated, the writing is on the wall that Donald Trump will get a second term in office and that the Democrats are going to lose big.

Media ratings are in the gutter because of the constant hateful sewage they pump out.

Zuckerberg isn't stupid. He's made himself a very wealthy man and has the largest social network in the world. On that feather, he has the most to lose.

He backed the Democrats, and lo and behold, they're thanking him by trying to stop libra.

A excellent thread by Brian Cates.

This has be shared here before but it's worth sharing again so more people can read it.

"Said for 2 years it's obvious this was the strategy. Let the investigations complete, let the IG do his work, compile the evidence, release/declassify it all and lay it out in COMPLETE and EXHAUSTIVE and METICULOUS detail for the public to see it..... "

Not being on Twitter anymore (my stress levels have been so much lower) I had to find out about the "Delete Facebook" trend from OANN.

It looks to me like we might be seeing the beginning of the cleanup of social media.

Facebook has its annoyances with censorship, but Twitter is the absolute worst with shadowbanning and the endless number of NPC spambots who swarm and attack anyone east of the far left.

And now our POTUS has gotten Twitter's echo chamber to go after Facebook.

@Lisa22 My sister was mugged overseas earlier this year. The 1st thing I suggest is to report the identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission at You can also call 1-877-IDTHEFT. Because it is quite possibly identity theft.
Sorry this happened.
Here is a link to other steps you can take.

Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, and Don Lemon have just been exposed as fake journalists.
Millions have realized that CNN, which plays 24/7 in airports, doctor's offices, hotel lobbies, and gyms, was fake, Project Veritas just proved it.

Husband (from Spain) was glued to the news in Spain of Catalan Leftist trash throwing tantrums in Barcelona because their leaders got sentenced for sedition. Catalan progs hate Spain as much as American Dems hate the USA. These intolerant scumbags & their hateful ideology are everywhere.


Not legal advice, but assuming you aren’t planning on doing any loans/credit cards/etc in the near future, you can put a freeze on your social security number that prevents them from stealing your identity.

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