IS DR. FAUCI ABOUT TO BE EXPOSED? WaPo Columnist Says Wuhan Lab Investigation Would Expose Dr. Fauci, US Taxpayer Funding of CCP BioLabs (VIDEO)


Could April 16 & 17 start the exposure of the enemies foreign & domestic including Zero's theft of the American taxpayer's $ to finance the voter fraud coup against DJT with help from foreign enemies, DNC, members of Congress (both sides of the aisle, MSM, social media dictators, etc? The great reveal just started.

Per Gen Flynn yesterday, "we have a President" & he didn't refer to Dementia Joe with Zero & the CCP's arm up his arse.

@SuperNana Oh, from your lips to God's ears, let this be so and let this man fry. But they'll protect him as long as possible and if the truth gets too close, he'll be Clintonized.

Sometimes you gotta take one for The Team.
So that Biden/Harris can write the pardon.

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