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It looked like a swat team in my neighborhood but it would have been a couple of days before this incident and this incident is on the other side of town from me.

Holy crap! I've been keeping the Madison WI police blotter open because a few days ago, there were cops all over my neighborhood so I have been waiting to see if they post what that was all about. This appeared yesterday but I didn't really look at it until today. 21-year-old guy caught with cp.

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Complementary to and prompted by a thread from our dear friend and fellow Quod @Zemeliko, Shaul Zemel. Will explain when the thread is finished, which will take some time.

My Cockney great-grandfather, Edward Benjamin Thomas Lawrence, was born in the Borough of Lambeth in the County of Surrey, South London ("within the hearing of the bells") in 1871. He was one of twelve children in a family living in typical London ghetto squalor.

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and people who think the sun revolves around the earth.

McConnell 🐢 defends GOP plans to block Biden's vaccine mandate for large employers. "There's no bigger proponent of vaccination than I am," he says. "But here's the thing. The United States of America is a free country." He calls the requirement "blatant overreach."

~ Sahil Kapur 🐦

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Schumer says Republicans will try as early as today to force a vote on a measure to revoke Biden's vaccine mandate for large employers. They can do that under the CRA on a simple majority, which they've got: Manchin and Tester are on board. House path is foggier.

Schumer says he will "strongly" vote against the measure to block Biden's vaccine mandate, saying it is based on far-right, anti-vaccine and "anti-science" attitudes. He says it comes from the same mentality as flat earthers


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False start. They only went live on blaze. Restarting soon...LOL

About 7 minutes according to Blaze countdown clock!

Here is the YouTube link for Crowder's show featuring Kyle Rittenhouse. Again, it is supposed to start at 9:00 AM central time but I don't believe I have watched a show that ever started right at 9:00 AM on Crowder's channel.

Rumble link to Steven Crowder's planned video for a Kyle Rittenhouse appearance at 9:00 AM central time today. I don't know if this means Crowder is starting right at nine since they usually start about 9:20 AM or so.

Kyle Rittenhouse scheduled to be on the You Are Here Podcast today at 6:00 PM US Central Time:

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.