Article stating that Arizona senator is investigating sex trafficking of foster children in his state.

Will we ever see these stories in the mainstream?

LOUISIANA ELECTION. Exit polls and post election surveys are in. Republicans received 25% of the Black vote. GOP Black voters was 291% over 2015. #1 issue for Conservative voting Black Voters was Democrats attacking President Trump.

Thread by @Unseen1_unseen: "1 I've talked at times about the lack of DC politicians understanding the internet/social media. How they continue to act like it's the 1990 […]"

Bill Barr makes his move...

Bill Barr Subpoena’s Entire Democratic Organization Of Chicago Suburb In Corruption Probe


My two twatter submissions in response to .

Yeah, you can just see the Rocky moment in all their faces.

This is fun to watch...
London’s commuters have had it with Eco-Nazis who demand attention by climbing on top of the subways, bringing the trains to a halt.
The normal people “pelt them with rubbish and climb up and drag them off the train.

Remember that time that President Trump sent Pelosi's suitcases back to her office?

She's still not over it.

Todd is starting to get a clue:

Todd With Trump

OMG he’s after the server

Does he know where it is ?

There’s rumor that he does, but why ask for it in public? Is our favorite President outsmarting them all again?

You can be assured this man plays the game better than anyone


Good news ...
South Korean National and Hundreds of Others Charged Worldwide in the Takedown of the Largest Darknet Child Pornography Website, Which was Funded by Bitcoin

Three Marxist freshman Congresscritters are lining up behind Comrade Bern for president. After all, if commies don't stick together they'll never be able to overturn the government. , comrades?


Up next on
MAGA 2020 Shampoo in mini-plastic bottles 😂

We just decided to buy a back up generator. Living in California, watching the politicians grift our taxpayers money and shut off our power, instead of building infrastructure.

We are beyond disappointment, past anger not even letting it annoy us anymore. (Well just a little.)

Just coming up with a solution for ourselves.

Trying to have a political discussion with dumb leftie voters here reveals they have drunk all the kool-aid and are the good sheep.

This is a magnificent thread targeted at all the dumbass lying so-called conservatives that are Never Trumpers


I would really like to hear your theories as to what Barr and Murdoch were talking about...

“Attorney General William Barr and media mogul Rupert Murdoch met privately in New York City on Wednesday evening...”

Really? Just when you thought California politicians couldn’t get any dumber...

California bans tiny shampoo bottles in hotels.

Where the lobbyists for the tourist industry?
Please, President Trump, in 2024 run for California governor... we need you!

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