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Statements from Victor Davis Hanson tonight:

VDH on Fox just now: Disband the FBI.

More VDH on the FBI: "It's really an existential threat. This is something like the East German cold war. It's an ideological investigative group that is hired out by the left for particular retrieval services, whether it's a diary or a laptop."

Victor Davis Hanson, a voice of calm sanity, just likened the FBI to the Stasi and called for its abolition on Laura Ingraham show.

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So how many Electric Vehicles currently sold in the US benefit from the $7500 tax break in the "Reduce Inflation" bill?

Exactly none.

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This says to me they want it secret because they can continue their innuendo bullshit to cast doubt and make Trump like a criminal. They most likely know this was BS from the start.

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Stephen Miller; FBI Has Become A Praetorian Guard And They Decide Who Holds Power In America.

"All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force." - George Orwell

#Freedom #FreeSpeech #Liberty #Patriot #MAGA #TrumpIsMyPresident

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@watch4thedrop —Absolutely correct!

What we are witnessing is the last desperate attempt of the Establishment to hold onto power on the Beltway.

The last thing these folks want is an army of Trump, Youngkin, DeSantis, Noem, and Lake-type statesmen who will take a blowtorch and sledgehammer to their corruption.

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Fox Business host Charles Payne broke down the real impact of a “transition” in transportation.

Referencing a July report from the International Energy Agency on the supply chain for electric vehicles, Payne talked about the supply shortages and what it would take to resolve them.

“This is what the world is going to need just to meet 2030 goals. We’re going to need, the world, 50 more lithium mines, 60 more nickel mines, and 17 more cobalt mines,” he said

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FBI cracked open Trump's safe and found it empty. 😂

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In an ad for his rino spawn, Dick Cheney makes it all about Trump. Claiming there is nothing more important Lizzie will do except lead the effort to keep Donald Trump from the oval. 😂 🤣 🤣

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@SueZee @carolinacally

And... Sue, that their decrepit son raised in their decrepit household will be called to take the stand in their DEFENSE... what a shit sandwich to be made. His defense and their defense swear they can control him on the stand. 😂 🤣 Good luck.

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Hmmm. Some precedence has been set for holding aware and abetting family co-responsible. The demon Crumbley's (Michigan school shooter) parents are on trial.

"He pointed to recent precedent in Michigan where Jennifer and James Crumbley, the parents of school shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley, were charged with involuntary manslaughter for giving their son access to a gun and allegedly ignoring warning signs."

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No fatties on Dumbo..

Guest Calls Out Theme Parks, “Rides Aren’t Built For Fat People”

Seating sizes aside, most rides are developed after strict calculations are made of the physics forces applied to both the rides and riders to ensure things / people don’t break or fly off during operation..

So if yer a bit tall, short, or maybe 1 BigMac too wide for the ride, perhaps you should opt for something…safer.

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June 30,2022 GOP fundraiser in McAllen,TX. Glad to have met Tx-34 Congresswoman Mayra Flores. Keep working the local scene y'all. It's where the difference is made.

The pretty lady is my Mom.
I'm constantly reminded how she brought me into this world and she can take me out. 😆❤️

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Biden's an asshole. He always has been and always will be.

But the same people who said that Trump was an asshole refused to say the same about Biden.

What they don't get is that Trump was just blunt. Biden is just an arrogant asshole.

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No honor in people that get close to power & families of whom they later publicly gossip for a grifting coated paycheck.
Shameful behavior common among DC regulars.

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If Trump gets back in the WH, I pray he makes better personnel choices. So many back stabbers close to him and melania.

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