"Colin's in peak shape and ready for action and you're plagued with injuries, are you ready to deal?"

"Yes, great. What will it costs us, aside from the automatic and unimaginable ass-loads of lost ticket and merchandise sales?"

"Would you mind if we focused for a minute on the possible upsides of having such a massive turd in your punch bowl?"


Political correctness about gender identities is metastasizing rapidly, making it difficult for ordinarily busy people to keep up - & keep up we must, just as people living in the USSR had to keep up with the constantly changing Communist party line.


Me? I'm a transgendered kumquat, kum/kam/kim


The KFC opening in Idlib said everything.

KFC, McDonald's, and Starbucks are touchstones for gauging area stability and prospects for economic growth and prosperity.

When I left China in 2009 there were twice as many KFC's as in the US.

In Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, KFC's were a stone's throw from anywhere, with one major cross-street that had THREE competing KFC's on three opposing corners!

KFC is already huge in Vietnam, and McDonald's is just now taking off.


Ending the Syrian Civil War.

I wrote earlier how it started.

Though I THEORIZED how it would end, now we have the proof.

KFC just opened a new franchise in Idlib, a city said to be under the control of al-Qaeda, now called Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).



Ask him: What resources?

Never mind... What country?

Colón was deposed as governor of the small colony he established for refusing to allow the exploitation of Indians and left penny less and in chains.

As for what passes for resources in that shithole, Colón found none but the sea.

Ignorant, supersticious, brutish bastards.

With emphasis on bastards. Just take a look at birth records on the island. A nation of lose women and no fathers...and no "indigenous" people.

@BuilderFredrick @ThomasWic

Xi's doing everything he can not to fall off that party beanstalk ever since Trump took back the golden egg-laying eagle...goose, whatever.

Xi, Fai, Foe, Fum!

"They will be pulled down and ground into dirt for what they did to you and and what they did in so contemptuously underestimating me."

That would be Trump in 2020.

Count on it.


Matt Taibi has no grasp of history.

He also vastly overestimates the power of Trump opponents.


And he's squeezing harder and harder and harder.

The media wants you to think we're in a crisis.

We're not. This is various groups imploding while the president gets things done.

In the past, presidents had to deal with semi-competent intelligence officials who exercised control over policy.

The people going after Trump are imbeciles.

Remember Comey saying "prostitutes peeing on each other" 300 times when being interviewed by George Stephanapolopuloulouspuslos?

Comey just came across as a pervert.


Everyone I know now, left, right and other, seems to be bored with the Dems' circuses. Count me in with them.

No shock, no passion, nothing, save the long wait to next November. I don't respond now. I just let them sleep on, they're all about to be awakened anyway soon enough.


Yeah, California doesn't need to terrorize its slaves into not getting an education. Just encourage laziness, and remove (by force, if necessary) all forces and stresses necessary to get a good education.


California Dreamin'! Nation's most populous state becomes first in the US to push back school start times - with high schools banned from ringing first bells BEFORE 8.30AM

California has signed a new bill pushing back school start times across the state
From July 2022, middle schools will start the school day no earlier than 8 am, while high schools will be prohibited from commencing before 8.30 am


Didn't expect anything less given that it was a defense-free zone.

Might as well have been Portland.


Fusion GPS may, in large part, be trying to manufacture exculpatory evidence which goes toward arguing against criminal intent upcoming trials.

The goal could be to help build an 'acted in good faith' case for anyone who acted on the dossier (esp. Rosensteins' "the affiant").


In the dictatorships in Venezuela and Nicaragua and the brain free region of Navarre (Spain) they renamed Oct. 12 as "Day of Indian Resistance."

It is not a generational thing.

It is a diminished brain capacity thing.

X, y, z or DD, as long as,we are talking about a sociotard with an IQ smaller that his chest measurement.


Would love it if memer's went Predator jungle shootout on these hapless hypocritical dolts.

ZERO APOLOGETICS and more where that came from.

Just ramp up and go completely over the top with what they're pretending to be incensed about until they get sick of pretending.

I personally think Trump would make a great Jango Unchained in Orange Face. I'm just worried about Leo DiCaprio 's reaction to being portrayed as a betrayed Fox News before being shot by CNN.


Assad's policies toward the Kurds were racist and oppressive.

I'm betting that Assad is just a puppet now, and the future for the Syrian Kurds is much brighter.

Whatever is happening, it's definitely NOT what you're being told.


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