Anybody funding Antifa that we know of?

Section 806 of the Patriot Act: Seizure and Forfeiture of all assets, foreign and domestic.

Broad, sweeping powers.

(i) ...all assets, foreign or domestic, affording...

...any person a source of influence over any such entity or organization or (ii) acquired or maintained by any person with the intent and for the purpose of supporting, planning, conducting, or concealing an act of domestic or international terrorism against the United States...

Holy moly! Search "Van Jones" in Twitter. He just attacked HRC supporters as the real racists. White liberals are attacking him while black people on Twitter are PILING ON (even from the left!), saying that he's right.

Color me stunned. It appears that black people are now turning against the Democrats in droves.

Trump's deleted Tweet (spelling error, not yet replaced) from minutes ago. National Guard activated, federalized, and on its way.

The real life "Lord of the Flies" story is the exact opposite of what happened in the lunatic leftist envisaged Lord of the Flies.

The real life story is both uplifting and awe-inspiring. The author of the article I just read about it tells it better than any synopsis I can give.

It is well worth the read. Pure joy:


This is the late William Golding, author of the dark and violent dystopic, Lord of the Flies.

In reality it turns out that Lord of the Flies was William Golding's personal, and utterly myopic, biopic.

Golding, a self-described "brat" son of an active suffragette mother and a depressive, atheist, socialist schoolmaster father, was a sadistic bully to his peers from a very young age.

In later life Golding confessed, “I enjoyed hurting people.”

His novel was entirely about HIM.

We also had our predictable share of gay actors, who naturally made the best character actors. One of them, a young pretty boy nicknamed "Sparky", was the little diva and mainstay of the theater.

That's him to the left of me on the playbill.

Because of my stature I was usually cast as the hero...

(white pants on the left, "Harden Reddy" with the white shirt and hat on the right)

At Big Lil's the audience is strongly encouraged to take part and interact with the actors -- at their own peril.

Actors, meanwhile, are allowed to break character. stop scenes, and take on the audience members. Easy peasy, too fun, too easy.

The melodramatic 'bad' acting genre is a big part what made it so fun (think John Lithgow in "Third Rock From The Sun"). The more "GROAN" you are, the funnier it is and the more fun everyone has. The entire thing is a parody of life itself.

The owner ("Big Lil" - a dear and extraordinary friend of mine named Linda) had been trying to rope me into acting for her for a year, and finally succeeded.

It was incredible fun - just like the renown Barbary Coast melodrama and vaudeville theaters of old: HORRIBLY WRITTEN (read=FUN) scripts.

Mild sexual innuendo is built in everywhere. It's lost on all the deadpan actors but fodder for audience laughter, and the very over the top 'bad' acting was to a rowdy crowd of heckling drunks.

In 1995, still reeling from an unwanted divorce, I began acting at Big Lil's Caberet; a "Barbary Coast" comedy dinner theater in downtown San Jose, CA.

Big Lil's featured live ragtime piano, a three act melodrama play and a vaudeville show, all to a beer-drinking, popcorn-throwing and heckling crowd.

This is me on the left at 35 or 36 years old, back in the mid-90s. I'm the 'girl' on the left and we're doing an Aretha Franklin number (R-E-S-P-E-C-T).

Carlos just posted a fantastic, personal, candid thread about a friendship with a leftist gone bad.

In his thread he showed a funny pic of himself in a dress in 1983, and talked about a time when a bisexual man gave him a swooping Valentino kiss at a company going away party.

That triggered a very funny, fond memory for me, and that is the subject of this rambling Neither-Here-Nor-There


Not manspreading. Social distance reminding. Go find another space to infect and bother.

Just now at the checkout line. Vocal and enthusiastic fellow Trumpster.

Holy moly...

"And are you vulnerable on this issue at all, because of your son's business dealings in China..."

"No, I don't believe so at all. My son's business dealings were not anything whert everybody that he's talking about, it...not even remotely, number one..."


Going to spill it.

Daman Wayans once told a joke about racism. He said he was asked, "Daman, now that you've made all this money, is there racism in Hollywood?"

Daman says that he answered, "No suh! If'n they is, I ain't seen none!"

VN has low cases, low deaths. No panic at any time, already casual lockdown restrictions were substantially loosened yesterday, and everything here has been incredibly calm and orderly.

But how many actual infections and deaths due to CV-19?

I troll like hell on Twatter but in real life I have no time for confrontation, attacks or choir participation.

If I'm going to have a political discussion it's going to be with a liberal, and my focus is always on gentle persuasion. I'm good at it, have the patience for it, and I have the red pill notches on my belt to prove it (to myself).

Here is my red-pilled erstwhile leftist daughter talking about her gay erstwhile communist best friend -- who has in turn red-pilled myriad friends.

Well color me sold on zinc lozenges. This will be a staple in my house for any time I get a cold or flu.

Excerpted from:

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